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I paled seeing them running at her but I couldn't do anything as I am busy with two monsters attacking me.

Learning from my past mistake, I didn't look at her more than a moment, I didn't think Sarah is more in danger than us as she was able to finish monster in few minutes while we couldn't injure it.

'Bloop' 'see' i barely dodge it but its saliva had fallen in my head wound and started to burn the injured flesh, it feels little painful but nothing compares to the exercise.

Its saliva could be dangerous to the people with low defense and vitality but I didn't think it will affect me anyway.

"Un!" I sense little hike in power fluctuation from Jim's direction, it looks like he leveled up the 3rd level of Private Grade.

I felt happy for him but also sad for myself, Jim and I had level up to 2nd stage same day two weeks ago and now he leveled up but I hadn't sensed any signs of leveling up from the Ashlyn.

In me feeling multiple emotion help circulate not only sixth but also the seventh movement of the exercise, it hurts like hell and my sword is little shaky in my hand but I gripped it tightly and tried to attack it.

But I was wrong, despite me circulating two extra moves, my speed increased a little but they are able to dodge it if I want to harm them, then I have to circulate minimum tenth round of the exercise.

I have to kill these monsters early or I will be in grave danger if more of these monsters come, "Swish!" they dodge another of my attacks.

These Hyenas are really swift, any of my attacks didn't land on them, I wasn't even able to cut single hair of their skin.

The only thing I can do is dodge their attack and see if any of my attacks luckily strike them.

While I was fighting, from the corner of my eyes I saw that all three of Hyenas monsters that Sarah is fighting are bleeding and very injured, she will soon able to finish.

I also looked at him, seeing he also injured the two hyena monster he is fighting injured, he would be able to finish the battle in half of the hour.

Instead of feeling the happiness that they will reinforce me after they kill the monster they fighting, I felt unwillingness and sad.

I don't want to make them look down on me, make them help at every fight if I cannot match their footsteps, then I will be too ashamed to hunt with him next time.

I don't want that, my pride won't let me do that, with that in mind, I started to circulate eight moves of exercise with the help of this emotion and after few tries, I was able to circulate the eight movements of the exercise.

With this, my speed increased a little and it becomes hard for the monsters to hit me but it was hard for me to hit them too.

"Boom!" another one Ashlyn fireball hit a monster, it didn't do anything just angered and annoyed it a little.

Ashlyn had been throwing more and fireball ever since she sensed that Jim and his black snake is leveled up.

She is more competitive than me and

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