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Sarah and Jim were already dissecting monsters when I reach the place where we fought.

"Looks like you killed it," Jim said looking at the big bag that I am carrying, I nodded and walked toward my backpack.

I opened my backpack and started to place all monster parts inside it from the temporary bag.

The backpack is nearly all reached its capacity if we new monster, I have to put them into the temperory bag.

It's now early afternoon, we can easily hunt monsters one time before leaving.

Seeing my mana is below 15% I decided to drink a mana potion, with drinking this I have only two mana potions left.

If not for an emergency, I don't like to drink mana potion as each one cost nearly five thousand credits.

''Let's go Michael!" Said Jim, I nodded and walk behind him, it has become very difficult to walk with due to the size of my backpack.

I have to circulate till forth move of exercise to comfortably walk with my backpack as it has become too heavy.

As Sarah leading the way, I don't have to worry about not finding enough monsters to hunt, she looked very familiar with this area.

sarah stopped suddenly and made some hand signs, understanding them we quietly retreated and changed the direction.

the hand sign she made earlier means dangerous monsters ahead that we can beat and retreat would be the best option for us.

we had already run into three such lairs but Sarah warned us early and we able to change our direction.

"Get down! and hide" Sarah said out of sudden, seeing her paled pace, I can say that the situation is very dangerous.

I quickly threw my backpack and hide in the bushes near me, although it has some thorns I didn't care and hide deep inside.

The whole are had suddenly became deed silence, not chirp or roar of the monster could be heard, it's like all the monsters had hidden in their lairs out of fear.

"Caw caw caw!" just as I heard this sound, I know the reason for the dead silence.

it is wind crows, they have class 3 strain, they could maximum level up to the Corporal stage but that's not most fearful about, the moreful in their quantity.

The smallest group of them had five thousand monsters, with this quality they could even threaten some lieutenant grade monsters.

Wind crows are very vengeful, if you kill one of them, the whole group will attack you, that is why whenever one hears this caw, monster or human, their first instinct would be hidden.

"Caw caw caw…" sky blanketed dark as wind crow started to pass over our head, I with from little gaps of brambles as they pass over.

the scene is really fearful if anyone of crow notices us and attack, all it is group will follow and that would be certain death.

I didn't even dare to breathe as the wind crows flew over us, it took them only two minutes to pass us by but we st

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