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The Complete Mysterious of Totems By Alexander Copperfield, this is the book that I found in that data storage relic.

I haven't had time to read this book ever since I roughly overviewed in the forest, this will be my first time seriously reading it.

I started to read it and soon became engrossed in it, as its content is really interesting and the things written here is a treasure trove of knowledge for me.

Books first give an introduction about the Totems, The first totem is constructed at Lieutenant Grade, right after one Level up to Lieutenant Grade from Master Grade.

Constructing Totem is not a simple thing as it has various conditions attached to.

First, there is only one chance in constructing Totem, right after one level up to Lieutenant Grade, if one missed it, then his chance is gone and only will get his next chance when one level-up to Marshal Grade.

The second condition is one's mana purity have to over seventy percent, without enough mana purity there is no chance of constructing Totem.

Totems are divided into three grades, low grade, medium grade, and high grade.

Low-grade totems are those who made when mana purity is below eighty percent, Medium grade totems are made when mana purity is below ninety percent and High-grade totems are made when mana purity is below a hundred percent.

When humans first started to make totems, they used to inspiration from the monster and used to construct their totems in beast form and there is another reason to it as well, as it required very few materials to construct.

But as time passed, the techniques also advanced and people started to construct more lethal and more efficient Totems.

In today age, most of the people construct their totems in weapon forms as they more lethal and easy to use and most importantly magical artifacts can't compare to the totemic weapons.

Currently, I am using Grade 1 magical artifact which is my sword but if I were to use Grade 2 artifact, it won't activate in my hand, even specialist grade won't able to activate grade 2 magical artifacts, only Corporal grade and above evolvers can do that.

The totemic weapons are completely different, they give major enhancement to their user that magical artifact cant do and Totems take half the energy to operate than the magical artifact.

The thing that startles me most in the book is that it says a man can construct seven totems in total, although to create seven totems one had to become very powerful evolver.

Seven totems, I used to think that man can only construct two totems, one at lieutenant Grade and other at Marshal stage but I didn't think there would be more totems and higher grades of the revolver.

The introduction is an easy part of the books, the next comes the runes, the runes which help in the construction of the Totem.

There thousands and thousands of runes and every run with different meaning and the most tiring thing are it takes lot mental energ

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