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I didn't leave after I finished my spar with Reynard because I wanted to watch Reynard's battles with other opponents.

The second I left the ring, another person entered the ring to challenge the Reynard. It was none other than Nigel, the one who got beaten up by Madeline.

He still looked gloomy but not as much as the other day when he lost to Madeline. Nigel is at the peak of the Specialist Grade whereas Reynard is still at lv.1 of Specialist stage. But that did not mean Nigel would win. I don't know why but I had a feeling that Reynard is way stronger than he appears on the surface. And hopefully, with this matchup, I would learn of his true level of strength and skill.

I was looking forward to this spar, I really wanted to know who would win this battle.

They started to fight almost immediately and Reynard still had a relaxed attitude same as when he was fighting with me. They both kept exchanging moves but Nigel was never able to gain the upper hand with Reynard.

From what I see, I can tell that Reynard is way more powerful than I initially thought. Because he was handling Nigel with ease, nevertheless Nigel's performance is also quite good.

Also, he was beaten quite badly by Madeline that day. I thought he was going to wallow in self-pity with how Madeline crushed him. Especially considering that it was in front of hundreds of people paired with his abnormal obsession with Madelin. Though to my surprise, his performance had improved but his face still looked gloomy.

The fight was in full swing, Nigel is giving his everything except for his half-skills. Watching him, I have to say he is quite talented with how he is using different types of moves on Reynard. Some of his combat moves looked quite complex and it should have taken him a lot of hard work to perform them.

While watching the spar, I kept an eye out for pressure suits.


A sound escaped my mouth because I saw there were three pressure suits available. I was quite startled seeing this and was rooted on my spot for while like a dumb idiot. But soon releasing this fact, I hastily walked towards the elevator without caring about the ongoing battle in the ring.

I could watch it later on as all the fights were recorded. All the clips were available for free in the building's feed.

I was practically skipping towards the elevator since the training facility which housed the pressure suits were in training facility no. 5. I prayed that by the time I reached there, at least one would be left for me.

There are about a hundred pressure suits in the building but the demand was in the thousands. They are the only training instruments in the building which never free for more than five minutes and also in the highest demand.

Fidgeting while I waited in the elevator, I hoped that others wouldn't have arrived before me. I was so tense that I felt that every single second spent in the elevator was equivalent to

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