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To be safe, I again hit its head again with a sword, some monsters are really vicious, they act dead and attack when one got really close to it.

It didn't move when I hit its head with my sword, This pebble snake is treasure, each and every part of it.

Aside from its core, its fangs and petrifying poison had its uses but the most expensive thing is it a body. The pebble that made of its use as fertilizer, very expensive fertilizer, the fertilizer used for precious plants and herbs.

Within five minutes, I separated all parts off and put them into my backpack.

If I am able to hunt the bull, this trip will be very fruitful and I will be able to earn more than the last trip but it all depends on Ashlyn.

After hiding my backpack, I hid again on my previous but this time I am more vigilant. I still shudder when I thought about that pebble snakes sneak attack if that snake had a little bit faster and able to bite, I would have been lying dead and my heart being eaten by it.

''About time!" I whispered when I felt Ashlyn is coming closer, she will arrive in a few minutes. Ashlyn and I can sense each other, it would be nice if I can see what she is seeing but it not possible Private Grade, it is only possible at advance Grade.

''Moo! Moo!" I heard loud mooing from the Aqua bulls, I told Ashlyn only to lure only one bull but from the sound seemed like she brought two bulls.

Ashlyn coming closer and closes rose from my heart and I waited patiently for her to arrive, as soon as she comes luring those aqua bulls, I'll attack them sneakily at the perfect moment.

"Chew!" Ashlyn comes flying and started shooting toward the direction she came from an irritating tone.

"MOOOO!" the bulls moved out, "Swoosh!" suddenly a water jet comes out of the tree, trying to hit Ashlyn but she easily dodged it with a flap of her wings.

"Moo! thud…!" Soon, three Equal bulls come out of the thicket and started to attack Ashlyn with their water jets, this concentrated water attack is really dangerous, if it hit, I would definitely get injured.

"Fuck!" I cursed inside my mind, I specifically advocated Ashlyn that not to lure more than two bulls and now they are three. if it had been normal Specialist Grade monsters, I would handle it easily by circulating 3rd move but the problem with these Aqua bull is that

"THUD!" A branch of a tree fell, the water jet attack misses Ashlyn and hit the tree branch, that is thick as my thigh, one can imagine what will happen if it touched me.

These three aqua bulls, white in color and thin layer of water could be seen covering its whole body. as its name suggests, it is water elemental monster and that thin water screen on its body is it's defensive and healing measure.

Its defense is not as strong as earlier's Searing Hog but its healing capabilities are quite good, because that extremely thin water screen spread all over its body, whenever it received an injury,

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