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'Tring Tring.." I woke up to the sound of my Holowatch ringing, someone is calling me. I woke up groggily and received the call without even checking the caller's ID.

"Micheal! Were you sleeping?" asked a high-pitched voice. I hadn't heard that voice in a week.

"Yes, I just woke because of your call," I said in a groggy voice, yesterday's hunting trip really tired me out.

The one who is calling me is my good friend Ellen, she had been selected by Crystal Knights and sent Carol city for training.

''So, how's Carol city?" she asked, now that I could clearly see her projection on my holowatch. She was wearing a form-fit training suit and had cut her hair into a stylish bob.

Whenever I see a bob, I remember one of the most embarrassing memories in my brain. I think it was six months ago,

I had to do some homework that I hadn't finished the previous day for some reason. So during the break, I went to one of the abandoned rooms in the school to do my homework in peace. But when I opened the door, I found myself seeing two naked girls kissing each other in a passionate frenzy. And you guessed it, one of the two girls was Ellen and other was some cute girl with a short bob. I closed the door slowly, took a step, sighed and ran away fast as I can. So for a few days, things got awkward between us, and we soon forget about it. The worst thing is that I saw Ellen take another girl to the abandoned room. And here I was, I who hadn't been able to get past first base with my ex-girlfriend.

''What are you thinking about?" She asked seeing me zoned out.

"Your haircut," I replied without thinking.

"What about my haircut? Doesn't it look good?" Ellen asked, thankfully not understanding my reference.

''It really suits you," I said with a pleasing smile and continued, "How is Mayfield city treating you?"

Seeing that she is wearing her training suit, she must be going to train.

''It is really fun but also a little tense" she said in an excited tone, she seemed to have a good time in the Mayfield.

"Three days ago, Stella leveled up to Lv. 2 Private stage. And yesterday, I was to fight against a Specialist stage monster in the facility... I got beaten so badly that I was barely able to walk." She said, if one carefully looked at her face, you could see a little faint red mark on her face.

''Enough about me! How is Carol city?" she asked me.

I lied to my friends and family about coming to Westblood to train. I told them that I was going to Carol city which is famous amongst low-level adventurers and is way less dangerous compared to the Westblood city.

"It's not as interesting as yours," I said to dodge the question, she also didn't also press the issue.

"Chu chu.." Ashlyn chirped as she flew onto my shoulder calling out my lie. It's not like I don't want to tell her the truth, it's just that I've also leveled up it and I don't want to be discouraged and all.

''Ashlyn look

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