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The sound of monsters could be heard all over the forest, I have come across many low-level Monster's but I didn't bother with them as long as they didn't bother me.

"Swish!" I kill the lv.2 Private Grade monster in one move, I did not even collect it's material because they are not worth much and only dead weight.

I am only going to take Hearts Lv. 3 Private grade Monsters because they sold at five hundred credits while other parts are not worth taking.

Only specialist Grade monsters are treasure, that is why I have come to the Austin Lake, to hunt Specialist Grade monsters.

Soon I reach the outskirt of Austin Lake, the lake is some 10-15 km away but this is an area where initial Specialist Grade monsters and Peak Private Grade monsters are found.

''Growl!" I heard, when I looked toward it, it is Swift Gale Cougar, it looked quite young and at lv.3 Private Grade, it's fur looked luxurious and shiny and it is one of the monsters that are in high demand.

Swift Gale cougars inhabit mountainous region which is ahead of Austin lake, they rarely venture in the Austin lake, this young Swift Gale Cougar must have got lost from its mother.

It dashed towards me ferocious glint in its eyes, I just swiftly remove my sword and wait for it to come closer, as it is three meters ahead of me, it suddenly jumps with intentions of biting my neck.

It is fast but I can clearly see, I gripped my sword and stood in my original position, I want to let it come closer to me and decapitate it in a single move.

Just as it came close and only at hand distance from, I swing my sword to cut its neck in a single move.

"Slic spurt…" My sword touched across its neck but

as my sword enters the inch deep and draws out a spurt of blood but it changed its direction midair by swinging its body at an unnatural angle and fled into the forest and soon disappeared into the forest, really it's swift as gale as it named.

''Damn!" I said as such price got away, just the price of its fur is equal to the Lv.1 Specialist Grade monster cores.

Those Red Nail Rats's that we encountered are one of the weakest monster special even that cougar monster that I just fought just now can easily kill tens of initial level Specialist Grade red nail rats.

I was too overconfident just now, I thought I could kill it with one swing but I didn't consider that swift gale cougar as its name suggest is extremely fast especially when its life is in danger.

'Sigh' i sighed and take a note to remember full details about the monster that I am fighting. I walk toward the lake, I plant to five km away from the lake this neither close to lake nor too far, I chose this distance because I do not want to alert another monster while I am fighting the different monster.

''Chu chu..." Ashlyn called out, telepathy she told me to look left, when I see, in the bushes is a brown stripped badger and it was preparing to launch sneak attack me.

It is Lv.1 of Specia

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