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I am fucked!

I thought to find arrows right in front of me.

Why the fuck did I move my shield right now, it at least would have protected my head.

As for any other injury, it would have been healed by the potion.

This is all happened because of my carelessness if I hadn't judged my opponent by normal standard, then I would have had a chance to enjoy this fight more but now all the chance are lost.

I did not worry about the green arrows that came toward me.

"Dub dub dub!…." just as they about the touch me, a watery screen appeared in front of me saving me from the attack.

This is done by referee, his intervention means I lost the match.

"Winner Mark Forster." said referee.

Sighing, I walked away from the ring, I was too careless in this fight.

I made several mistakes, first and foremost is to judge my opponent strength wrong.

I could have easily defended against his attacks if I was little careful when I took the jump with the help of the jets.

The second mistake I made that letting my guard down too early, after defending against his first attack, if I had kept my shield in front of me, a second more then the fighting would have lasted a few minutes more.

The longer the fight, the more precious experience it would have given me for tomorrow's fight as every opponent going to up tough.

''Congratulation!" I said as I gave a light hug to a lily, she finally made it.

Albeit barely but she finally made it unto the top fifty with seven win, one tie, and two losses.

"You too!" she said, the competition is over for today, tomorrow the Top 50 will fight for them to places as rewards are tempting this time.

Top fifty will get a real ticket to Minerva realm, Top 10 will get one Knight grade artifact of their choice, Top 3 will knight grade skill and the champion will get chance to get another knight grade skill of his choice from the collection of any Top 7 organization.

That is a huge opportunity, as the best skill for oneself is not the skill that is most powerful but the skill that most suitable, only then one could make the best use of that skill.

I was just thinking that when I was pulled out of my thinking by request.

It was the request for a photo, the list of Top 50 is already out and those who were unknown like me and Lily became instantly famous across the city.

Now that we are walking out of the venue, we are asked by many people for a photo.

I had to take a photo every few steps, I wanted to reject as it was making me late but it did not feel the right thing to do that.

It took nearly for me and Lily to walk to the exit of the venue, it was a really scary experience.

I never felt so scared in my earlier fights than I am feeling right now where I could even walk freely as people forcefully bringing close to their body just to take a photo.

"It was really scary!" said Lily as we in a hovercar after much difficulty.

All I could do is a nod.

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