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"You will not able dodge this!" he said and attacked me again, this time his speed seemed to increase little more.

I looked at him weirdly, if your attack going to only this fast then why did you talk this big!

I was really expecting him to use his speed skill at the limit but he still holds back.

I didn't plan to dodge his attack this time, I want to counter it.

"Clank!" I clashed my sword against him and before he could stabilize himself, I attacked at his chest.

"Bam!" my sword hit him squarely on his and he had to step back due to blow.

I was about to launch a follow-up attack when he activated his speed skill again and put some distance between us.

He drank potion after he put some distance between us, throwing away potion, he looked at me intently while his sword started to glow in light blue color.

He is using his attack type skill, I thought and activated my knight grade shield for the defense.

As his sword glowed, next second he started the swing in my direction, numerous wind blades started to come off his sword.

One wind blade seemed to stronger than others.

Seeing wind blades coming toward me swiftly, I adjusted my position readied myself for defense.

"Bam! Bam! Bam!….." One after another wind blade started to collided against my shield.

These wind blades are very different from the normal wind blades, they are very sharp, sharp enough to be able to cut through any part of my body.

If I had been defending this attack with a normal shield, I would have felt pricking pain all over my body.

Its good thing, I've defended them with my knight grade shield, all I am is a slight pain.

I defined against wind blades with my shield while keeping an eye on the moment of my opponent.

I was right to do that as after he launched tens of wind blades one after another, he activated his speed type skill again but this time it is very different.

Not only he activated his speed type skill to the limit, but he also seemed to activate another skill, which increased his speed even more.

Sneaky Bastard! All that anger and the big talk was all facade, earlier using his speed type skill and then launching wind blade attack was all part of my plan.

He had seen my score and with little intelligence, one can definitely estimate my power and he would have definitely read the details about me after he knew I am his opponent.

He presented himself as a weak opponent who would fight till last even knowing I had knight grade skill.

If I had been a little naive, I would have definitely fallen into his trap.

From the start of the fight, I've realized his plan and despite that, I didn't use knight grade skill.

I did that because I wanted to know if he had any trump but most importantly I didn't want to confirm that I had a knight grade skill.

It's one thing knowing I had knight grade skill while it's totally another thing confirming I have it.

I have to keep it a myst

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