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My opponent's name is Anissa Joy, her rank is 69th and she is an Elite of the organization.

She is not elite from the normal organization either but from the Top 7 organization.

She is from Storm Blessed and like Ellen, she had just started her elite training two months ago.

I did not look down on her because of that, she must have worked very hard to get into the elite.

Her score clearly shows that she, she is better than me.

From her information, I know she had a full knight Artifact set and two knight grade skills.

One is defense type while other is strengthening type while another defense type, both of which she had used in her previous battle.

I quickly go over the clips of her previous battle while walking slowly and try to estimate her power best of my ability.

If I knew she would be my opponent, I would have definitely watched her battles but I ddididna know there are tens of battle happening every minute and you can only focus on one, watching two or three fights together takes all fun from me.

I expect nothing less! I thought when I saw short clips of battles.

She seemed to have speed type ability like comparing it with her strength and defense type skill, she is quite strong.

From her battle statistics, I've come to know that she had finished almost all her battles within five minutes.

The only weakness she has that her Combat style is still nascent stage.

She is about my age, little tall with average face, her most distinctive feature is her vibrant green eyes which completely overshadow her average facial features.

She gave me a simple nod as she entered the ring and I nod her back.

We both activated our artifact sumulatenioulsly as referee asked us if we are ready.

"Fight!" "Furfurfur fur...."

I activated fire jets behind me to the limit and made instant movement toward her while swinging the sword.

I know chances of this move working against her are very low but I still wanted to give it a try.

She did not look surprised seeing me coming toward and as she ran toward me at the same time.

As I halfway into the distance, I sensed great fluctuation from her, which could only be produced by knight grade skill

She had activated her a strengthening type skill, I know it because from her info that when her body is covered with light blue smoke, that means she had activated her strengthening skill.

My sword had swept toward her head going for a direct hit, seeing that not an expression of fluster appeared on my face as she swiftly moved her falchion to block my sword.

"Bammm!" Both of our swords clashed and next moment, I have to take five to six steps back to manage the blow.

This is funcking strong! I cursed as I could still feel the power of the blow traveling inside me.

When I looked up, I saw she had to take the same steps back as me to manage the blow and surprise could be clearly shown on her face.

"Furfur fur fur…." She and mine

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