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Sneaky as always! I thought to see his second sword moving toward my waist.

"Clank!" his second sword stopped by my shield before it could reach further.

I was vigilant, I had seen them many times sneak attacking that there is small fear in my mind about them.

In the space realm, I saw their corporal stage elite, attacking monsters so sneakily, that monster wouldn't be noticed they were an attack even at their last breath.

Fighting against evolvers, on have to very careful and vigilant, especially against those from shadow rogues.

Without the expression of startle, my opponent flipped suddenly using the force of the blow and attacked me with double speed.

"furr!" I alighted fire jet behind both my arms and move my sword and shield counter against it.

"Clank clank!" two clanks could be heard as my opponents duel swords clashed against my sword and shield.

He swiftly jumped back using the power of the clashed while I was little startle over something.

Knight grade swords! Both of his swords are knight grade I said in my mind.

Earlier I casually thought that he may have more that one knight grade artifact but little did expect it to out to be so true.

If he can have two knight grade swords and knight grade armor, then there is a big possibility, that all the other artifacts he was wearing are also knighted grade.

He came to me again but this his words covered with yellow lightning.

I did not sweat much seeing this as I already knew he has lighting power, he is just coating it on his weapons.

As long as this lighting does not touch my skin, I will be fine.

I met him halfway with my instant movement and attack him with my sword but this time his move was different.

This time he is swinging both of his swords in the same direction.

Seeing this I became vigilant and provided extra power to fire jets behind my right hand, increasing my sword speed more.

"Clank!" Sure very sneaky, I thought as I felt shocked traveling all over my body.

Not only he had used speed type skill, he even used a special strength type skill which didn't produce any visual effects or power fluctuations.

If I handnt increased my speed in time, I would have definitely revived a big shock and had to step back.

That would have been a golden opportunity for him to launch a sneak attack on me.

Still, without backing down, he coached against me, with the power of his speed type skill and special strength type skill.

Using both skills together, he gets quite boost in power.

It's fortunate that I have a strong body due to five seals of supreme combat exercise, otherwise, my body would have injured by the shock as the fire jets only increased my speed.

I used fire jets as propellers, the propel my attacks by giving them speed.

"clank!" our sword clashed again and he again used the power of the blow to jumped back.

"fur fur fur fur…..!" this time when he jumped back I followed him be

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