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"Bammmm!" Both of our swords clashed loudly and I felt like a monster had crashed into me.

The force of collision travel inside my body, injuring me internally, I can feel small ruptures in my internal organs and blood that is coming up.

If not for me having momentum that crashed with, I would have directly flown away out of the ring.

I blew back and having a hard time controlling myself that when I saw she is coming after me and I am in no condition to defend myself against her.

I her sword came closer, I started to think of a way to save myself as I know, it got hit by that sword, I will receive defeat with a heavy injury.

Suddenly an idea comes in my head and I ignited two biggest jets under my feet, not caring if I am able to control my jump with an existing force that is traveling in my body.

"Furfur!" I shot out like a deflated balloon in the air not able to control my trajectory.

I just hope that the jump wouldn't take me out of the ring area or I will be declared loser.

'Sky steps!' 'crack!' I activated sky to stops myself going further, but it splintered bone of my leg little.

Creating another foothold, I took a jump again while taking a big sip of life potion.

The next moment, a cool sensation traveled my body, filling the supply of my nearly drained mana.

Fire Strike! I activated fire strike when I falling from up, it was for both offense defense as she had been waiting down below for me like a crocodile, ready to gulp in single bute.

Sensing the power fluctuation from me, she had unhesitatingly enlarged the shield in her left hand.

Three bolts of fire left my sword while her shield was still engaging but that didn't affect her from perfectly defending against my attack.

"Thud!" I landed safely in the ring while she looks at me with utter shock, I can understand why she had such expression and this is also the reason I didn't want to expose my knight grade skill.


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