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I am feeling really excited, I have taken a beating from many Mid and Peak Level Corporal stage evolvers in the past two months.

I want to experience its power to know the difference between this android and other mid-level corporal stage evolvers, that I had taken a beating from.

It came running toward me swift speed, its speed was fast very fast, that I barely had a chance to move my sword to counter its moves.

"Clank!" its fist swiftly bypassed the swirling fire covering my sword and clashed against it.

The force of this fist travel through my body and I had to six steps back to diffuse but it did not disappear fully as I am still feeling shaking inside my body.

Only pressure of such power will make me improve, I said in my mind as a big smile appeared on the face.

While I was stabilizing myself from the earlier clash, it comes to me will full force again, this time, I was slow to react and took a hit at my chest.

"Bam!" 'crack' its punch hit squarely on my chest, breaking some of my bones.

It felt like large hammer crashed against my chest, it heavily shook my body internally so much that mouthful of blood has reached my mouth but I forcefully swallowed it back.

This power is really scary especially to the Mid-level Specialist stage Evolver like myself, if I was at peak level, I would have been able to react little fast.

I furiously circulated the supreme combat exercise, I hope this fight will help me advance from fifth circulations.

"Bang!" it came with another fist, fortunately, I am prepared this time as its fist crashed against my shield.

Still, I have to take a few steps back, while defending against more of its blows.

"Bam! Bam! Bam!…." I kept defending against its incoming attacks while some blows I failed to defend.

I am not new to the beating as within-group fights that instructor organized in the training got me worst beating than this.

There were even several peak level corporal stage that used to gave me quite a hefty beating.

As the fight goes on, less and less of its moves started to land on me.

When I fought again solo mid-level corporal grade evolver, I didn't dare to defend against most of its moves.

Thinking it will startle initial level Corporal stage evolver who I have to beat so badly but here I have no such fear.

As I get into the rhythm of the battle, I am having a more and easier time, defending against android.

It came at me with another kick but this time I did not defend using my shield as its program had predicted it but I jumped and attack.

This jump was not the normal one but made using my fire ability.

A blast of fire manifested under my feet, like a jet. It gave my body enough momentum to launch my body into the air.

''Clank!" My sword clashed across its chest and number on its chest decreased.

This is the second move, I invented with the help of my ability.

"Thud!" I landed on the other side of the android.

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