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He came to at with his body covered with lightning and the power fluctuation I am feeling, it is definitely a knight grade skill.

It is time to get serious! I thought.

"Furfur fur fur fur....." the fire jets started to light up behind me, this time the fire jets are little different, they are little bigger and gave more power.

I am igniting the fire jets to their limit, not only that I've covered my sword with swirling fire.

Last time fighting against Androids its effect did not seem much but more than half a points I got are because of it.

This time, it will show its real value in the fight.

With flaming sword in hand, I ran toward him with my speed is a little slower than him.

He swung both of his lightning coated swords toward my sword.

"Bam!" The large shock traveled through my body as our swords clashed, it was so intense that I nearly puke the blood out my gut but more than that, I am feeling shocked inside my mind.

This skill which my opponent used is not pure speed type skill but a hybrid type skill.

This skill used his ability as a catalyst to provide both speed and strength, such skills are rare amongst the knight grade skill from what I've heard.

I could feel the numbing tingling all over my body as if tiny snakes of electricity traveled inside my body.

"You! Yo…your not using skill!" said my opponent, who is also blasted back by our clash.

His face full of shock as if he couldn't believe what he is seeing.

"Oh, you finally noticed!" I replied with the smile, many people thought the jets of fire are part of some type of skill.

Even in a forum, where my fight was discussed, all of them thought it is a skill.

Some people would have noticed it is the ability manipulation but they chose to keep it to himself.

Seeing his shocking expression, I feel kind of proud.

I practice my ability, every day for these three months. No matter how tired I am from training, I would at least practice my ability for two hours daily.

The blood and sweat I used to gain better control over my ability had finally paid off.

The moves I created are the fruit of that effort, though these moves are nascent stage and my control over them isn't that good but they are still better than the grade 1 skill that I used.

If I keep such practice and able to perfect them in a few years, I think there might be equal to that of knight grade skill.

Currently, all my ability moves need the help of my strong body to their presence might but there will be a day, even without the help of the strong body, my moves will able to contend against knight grade skill.

Seeing him coming at me again, I didn't hold back.

"Furfur fur fur..." the jets behind back-back lighten with full power and my sword which only lightly covered in concentrated swirling fire, now blazing fully.

No one can spot even hilt of the sword in such heavily concentrated fire.

His expression changed a little seeing

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