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Rank 87 Micheal Zaar

87th that is the rank I got, at least it is in the top 100.

As I check the list further, I saw the name of Lily, her rank is further than I thought.

It's 294th, that's way too behind than I guessed.

Normally with her score, her rank would have been between 99th to 150th in past competitions but looks like, this times competition is really tough.

Four people whose rank are is 1st to fourth respectively got a perfect score of 1000, means four of them got a perfect score at both rounds.

They dodge all projectiles and competed for a run of the first round and defeated all five androids at the second round.

Their prowess is sure is amazing.

Magnus Wells who was in the first round with me gotten 9th rank, if he had been not hit by that projectile at first round, he would have also gotten a perfect score like other four.

There are three people similar to Magnus well who had gotten 990 like him, I can guess that of the three, two would have got a perfect score if they have also not been hit by a projectile.

From looking at the scores of all people in the top hundred and many dark horses that may appear, this competition going to very very tough.

Closing this window, I opened another window, which showing timetable of the main competition.

Reading it thoroughly, I close my eyes for a while.

Tomorrow I will have to fight two fights, one is to get into the Top 500, while another to get into the top 250.

I think I could definitely win two battles, what I am worried about the battle to reach Top 50.

That is very important, only then people would receive recognition and price.

The battle for Top 50 will happen the day after tomorrow.

250 participants will split into five groups of 50.

Participant in each group will have to win 10 battles, only those who will win all 10 battle will get a chance to get into the Top 50.

The final battle for champion will happen on the third day, where fifty participate will fight for the top spot.

They haven't announced the fight format for the final day but I think it should be a qualifier type of battle.

The prices for the final battle also been announced, seeing what prices are, my whole blood started to boil.

Top 50 will get a chance to enter the special space realm which opened at an only specific time of the year.

While Top 10 will get one Knight grade artifact of their choice, top 3 will get Knight grade artifact and knight grade and champion will get Two knight grade artifacts with knight grade skill.

That's not all, the champion and two runner ups would also get a chance to challenge anyone in top 100 contestants of Corporal level for their spot.

This time westblood city is really spending, in this few decades strength of westblood city rising and if it keeps rising for a few decades then it would be able to challenge the capital for the top spot.

I wanted to read about the details of my opponent

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