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"Bammm!" my flaming sword hit hard on his.

Instead of flying away, my opponent controls his body expertly and transfer all force into his legs.

He looks several steps to diffuse the blow and finally stood on the edge of the ring.

I am not going to give him any chance to revive this fight as speedily followed him and kicked his chest with my full strength.

"Bam!" He moved his ax front at the last moment but it it is no use.

This kick is not for injuring him but for shoving him off the ring as he already on its edge.

"Thud!" He wanted to stabilize himself but the force of my kick was strong enough to throw him out of the ring.

"Winner Micheal Zaar!" said referee and applause rang out from the audience.

This fight may have lasted short but it was really fulfilling, especially after the tie of my fourth fight.

This fight may seem easy but it was really hard, after my tie with Anissa, I thought very hard about the mistake I made when I was fighting her.

In the four next fights, I had a chance to rectify my new strategy.

The fighting strategy I made for fighting in the competition is unconsciously based on my fights with the monsters as barely got any chance to fight with people.

In the first three fights, I wasn't able to know the flaw in my strategy as the opponents were too weak but after my fight with Anissa, I was quickly able to know my mistakes and was able to correct them in future fights.

Because of that, the fight I fought earlier seemed easy as I am able to use every strength of mine at its best.

With this fight over, my position in Top 50 had been cemented, even if I win or lose the fight, it is not going to affect my position in the top 50.

I went back to my seat and watched the fights as this is a time when fighting at theirs.

Everyone is fighting for the spot and those who have slight chances are giving their all.

This is one of the best time to see the extent of your opponents ability, only in a high-pressure fight like this would one will take out all of his trump cards.

People were fighting like crazy in every ring and I am having difficulty concentrating on one fight as all of them are interesting.

Still, I watch the fights of those, who could be my opponent for my last fight.

As I kept watching the fight, I was quite blown away seeing some fighting movements.

They were nothing special if it were performed normally but you make a slight change and add a personal flavor, you a will a getting beyond your expectations.

Though it happened very few times, it still happened and gave me precious insight which could help me in my fights.

Lily seemed to be doing quite well if she won this fight, she will have a chance to enter the top 50.

The unofficial list is already published, this list contains the name of those who have already made into the top 5O.

My name is on that list, so is my 9th opponent and 4th opponent, both of them had made in

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