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"Wow! There are so many people here!" said Lily when we entered the venue.

There are tens of thousands of people seating in the seatings and more are coming.

I didn't think this many people would show up, just to watch Special stage competition.

We have come an hour early so we could take a good look at it and mentally get prepared.

Fighting in front of many people, may give some people fright, forget about some people, even I am feeling scared.

It's a good thing, I've come early, I will be able to adjust to the mental pressure of such otherwise it would have had a problem.

I don't have stage fright but fighting in front of such a crowd could be scary.

Not only there are huge seatings for the crowd, but there are also fifty rings for us to fight.

The seven hundred and fifty fights will happen on the fifty rings.

"Let's go!" I said to Lily as we walk toward the participant area.

There are already five hundred something participants sitting and whoever new comes will have to face gazes of everyone.

When I and Lily took seats, I can hear people talking about our rank and other details.

I also noticed many people in the crowd, especially those who are in the Top 10.

As time passed more and more people started coming, both the audience and participants.

"Elle Cooper!" a name resounds in the participants waiting area, I also looked at the entrance when I heard her name.

She is one of three people who had gained the perfect score, Harold West and Mike Harrison.

Of the Top 3, Two had already arrived, only she was left to arrive and now she had also arrived.

"Welcome, I Miranda invites you all to the first phase of the competition!" said the Master of ceremonies.

The whole arena lightens which varies colorful lights and many different beautiful scenes projected around in the arena.

"Wow! So beautiful!" Lily gasped seeing the scene, it is really beautiful.

Such a beautiful scene with gorgeous beauty like Miranda and beautiful scenes around her, anyone would gasp in admiration.

This goes on for half an hour as she introduces some important people city council and organization to who came to preside over the competition.

''Now we will formally start the part that all of you have been waiting for!"

"buzz! Ting!…" I heard some buzzing and ringing of the watches as my holowatch also buzzed, informing me who is fighting who.

''Looks like I will have to fight before you!" Said Lily as she started to leave the participant waiting area.

''Best of luck!" I said, "Thanks!" she said and left toward the fighting ring.

Her opponent is Rank is 635 with no distinguished skill and artifacts, if nothing expected happened, she should be able to return in fifteen minutes.

Her is opponent is the beefy looking guy, holding a heavy saber.

As the fight started, he directly used a skill which made his saber glowing and attack swiftly, seeing that Lily quickly activated

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