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My battle with Roy lasted less than ten minutes while Lily is still fighting in the full swing.

She and her opponent seem to be on the same level as they are fighting quite frenziedly but no one is getting the upper hand.

This will take some time! I thought with a sigh.

Earlier in the fight Roy, I learned a lot and found a way used my fire jets as a defensive measure.

I want to test it if it is plausible or not while creating the moves, I tried different ways to utilize my ability but most of those attempts failed quite miserably.

This time I am confident though, I think this new move I thought is plausible and will even better than I think.

The Top 250 will be selected today and tomorrow I will have to fight ten fights to get into the top 50.

I felt a little excited and tense when I think about tomorrow's fight, I will have to try my best and have to win the maximum fight, so my chance of getting into Top 50 will increase even more.

Half an hour passed but lily's fight still hadn't finished, she is still fighting in full swing.

Using skill after skill, drinking mana potions every few minutes.

They have twenty more minutes to finish their fight if they couldn't then it will be considered a tie as one will get maximum one hour for the fight.

Ever since I returned from the fight, I got more and more looks, these looks were not weird and funny look like earlier but look of amazement.

I first couldn't understand the reason for their attacks but as I read the discussion of my fight in the feed, I understood a little.

The look of amazement because moves of fight I've used in the fight.

One user named Archer299 had written quite a detailed description of my fight and it is already read by thousands of people and thousands are reading them by minutes.

I have to say, this archer299 had a quite good eye as he was able to see through my moves clearly.

He clearly stated that the moves I used are not the skill but moves made though ability manipulation.

He said these moves are at only nascent stage and would become even stronger as my control over my ability increases.

The thing got me more interest is that he stated the pros and cons of my ability manipulations.

He said the biggest pros of my ability manipulation is not its lethality but the mana conservation.

He noted that while my opponent had to drink several bottle potions fight against me while I did not drink a single drop of the potion.

He clearly dismisses the rumor of me using any device under my sleeve to provide me mana.

After stating pros, he also stated cons, he said that my ability manipulation is very powerful, it is also could be obstructed as I have poor control over it and he predicts that I will surely lose control over my moves and stumble badly.

He also said that it is also very hard for me to improve in this aspect in a short period of time and as long as my opponent is smart, he would be able

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