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'My train in three hours!' I said in my mind as I checked the time on my holowatch.

My mother is crying and hugging me since morning, making me promise to visit them next month.

It is probably her pregnancy hormones that making her this emotional but this emotional state making me feel little stifling.

Currently, we are sitting on the kitchen table drinking the tea, putting my cup down, I take out the box from my pocket and placed in on the table.

"What is it?" my father asked while opening the box, inside it he found sixty-one potion bottles inside.

"There is Life Water Potion, Healing Potion, Mana Potion, Vitality Potion, and in the left corner there is a tiny transparent bottle, inside it, I left three drops of honey, if mom ever needs it," I said.

After careful thinking, I placed some potion bottles for my parent's use, if they come across an accident and my father able to make any seals, this potion bottles more than enough to take care of it.

"Micheal it too much, you will be…" I cut them off with my hand, "I will free of worries if you have these potions bottle with you." I said.

I even left some artifacts and copy of Nine Raging Strike which I have come across in the space realm, hidden in their room, they will find it after I left.

If I had given them now, they would have rejected everything being it too much.

I would have given them my other three skills but they are nontransferable, I have to pay extra to get transfer agreement.

With the skill and artifact, my father is capable enough to protect himself and mom for any small dangers.

After much arguing my parents took the box, I had to work hard for getting away from Ashlyn and transfer three drops of into tiny bottle.

If Ashlyn would have smelled it, she would have definitely demanded it for herself.

These few days were very peaceful, except for the first day there are no more monster attacks.

Time passed by and soon came the time of me leaving, the hovercar arrived three us boarded and the car sped toward the train station.

In the train station, I wouldn't have to wait for long as the train comes in time.

"Sob Sob..I'll miss you!" my mother said cryingly as she hugged me one last time before I boarded the train.

I waved my parents bye through the glass, a small teardrop could be seen on my cheek as waved bye to my parents.

As the train sped up, I lost the site of my parents, wiping my tears, I walk toward my seat.

'I have one last gift to give!' I said and clicked the send button.

My father is an Lv.1 doctor and lived his profession passionately, he would have gone for higher studies if not for constraints of money.

His plan is to make enough contribution through research that the government gave him a grant for higher studies but it will take years for that.

It is very hard for low-level doctors to do any meaningful research from the limited knowledge they have as Lv. 1 doctors and only exc

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