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''Knock knock!" A knock sounded on my door as I was making preparation to leave my apartment.

"Coming!" I shouted, seeing everything is alright, I opened my door and walked outside.

In front of me is pretty girl, she is lily, the only other Specialist stage evolver in my training class.

"Are you ready?" asked Lily, "Ready as I ever could be!" I replied.

I am really feeling nervous, today is the two preliminary rounds of competition, they will select the Top 100 today.

It is very tough to get in the top 1000, not only people from westblood but people from other cities are also coming.

"You really beat that Jeremy well yesterday!" I said smiling, hearing that lily's face turned red a little before tuning normally.

Little anger also could be also seen in her eyes as I said the word, Jeremy.

"I wanted to do that for weeks, just yesterday I got chance to that and I decided not to waste it!" said Lilly, an expression of satisfaction could be seen on her face.

In the training class, we all had our tormenters, who like to gives an extra beating whenever they get a chance.

Jeremy is one of lily tormenter, he would always toy with her and then beat her whenever he got the chance.

I always thought that Jeremy is a little sick in mind, in the way he looked at girls, he can't beat Corporal stage girls in the class as he is not powerful but he could beat lily.

She had been extremely humiliated by him in the ring many times but yesterday she beat him, she beat him till her heart's content, he had to shout surrender to stop the beating.

Lily was the peak of Specialist stage while that Jeremy was the initial level of Corporal stage.

Beating those level up above you is very hard especially when you can't use your abilities and skills.

She was able to that, she also worked very hard for that, I have seen training till midnight in varies training facilities and that is how when we started to talk.

She had worked hard but I had worked harder and I am sure, I can beat nearly all Initial Corporal stage evolvers but I didn't have a chance to show it in the ring.

I didn't know why but for this past month, the instructor had never paired me with Initial level Corporal stage worrier.

After one month, the instructor had started to pair me mid and peak level Corporal stage evolver, not only I but Lily also got that treatment.

It's just that her luck was good and the instructor paired her with Jeremy.

Fighting with mid and peak stage evolvers, I never got the chance to show my true power and I also hide as I also have someone who I have to beat badly and he is also in Corporal stage.

I don't want to spook him before I got the chance to beat him, he has cowardly nature from what I have seen and might surrender before fighting, to save himself the humiliation of beaten by a specialist stage.

We called a hover to take us toward the venue.

"Tring Tring!" my holowatch started to ring out.

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