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I can only give them a sheepish smile as I went back to the killing, there are still many monsters that are left to kill.

It had been barely five minutes since the fight started, human and their monster partner fought together to kill these attacking monsters.

'Chug!' taking a chug of another mana potion bottle, I ran toward another peak Corporal monster.

As the monsters are lessening, more and more people started attacking the same monsters.

The Archer and I quickly started to steal other people and monsters prey as there were no independent monsters left.

They must have a habit of archer stealing their prey but whenever I kill their prey, they looked at me I've kissed their precious little sister.

It is a little hilarious, I wanted to laugh of out loud whenever I saw their angry eyes on me.

I also experienced this thing in the space realm. As we entered the scind forest, everyone's abilities had skyrocketed and no one wanted to share their preys in first few days despite having difficulty fighting against it but the monster started to get stronger, more and more people looked up to for help as monsters were too much and too powerful.

I can only laugh and continue to kill monsters that were in my way.

As the battle has proceeded, I've entered that battle mode used to enter after started to fight with monsters in the realm.

In this mode, my emotions turn calm and a little cold but my fighting efficiency increased few percents as my mind and body coordination upped by the notch.

I firstly not had noticed it but in the last few days in the realm, I started to notice in my last few days in the realm and when I searched this on the web, I found it on the web.

This phenomenon is not common but also not rare, people devolved it if they do one thing with 100% confidence for a few days.

It is not applied only for fighting but everything else as long as you do with extreme concentration.

It is little different than practice though if we same thing every day, we had a practice of it and it will make doing that thing little easier than yesterday.

Both of the things may seem similar but they are different.

Now back to the battle, the monsters are getting killed by the minutes and seeing that their numbers are dwindling some monsters went to frenzy.

"Ahh!" one boy hit squarely on the chest by the monster's claw, it is a good thing he is protected by his armor otherwise that injury would have been way too serious.

Many people felt pressure as some monsters entered into a frenzy but it did not affect my pace even bit.

I've fought with hundreds of monsters who are infected with madness and were a lot crazier than that.

Now that frenzy started, the real monsters will definitely enter the battle within the minute and I would have to be ready as they are going to give me most points and hope to win against the archer who is shooting the arrows from above.

'Chug!' i drank another b

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