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I could hear soft cursing of a fatty as the hovercar sped.

He must be cursing very loudly for me to hear at this distance.

Soon the small latch opened in the hovercar and I went inside. I barely able to survive today, it my good luck that fatty did not have speed type skill otherwise death would be my ending.

My heart is still racing and I had a couple of a deep breath to calm myself and start thinking rationally.

I have careful in the future whenever I am outside, always hide identity and not use knight grade when unfamiliar and untrustable people are present.

I have to say I am kind of became overconfident ever since is returned from my hometown.

Killing Sergeant stage monster had made me overconfident and I started to feel like as long as it is corporal level, I would be fine but today's event had given me harsh lesson, that I will not forget in any type soon.

The hovercar soon reached the most bazaar, from there I took hovercar to the Adventure paradise, I still have to submit the material required for the job.

Thank god! I am smart enough to put important parts that required for the job into my storage first.

I had cores and spinal fluid of all five violet horn, also their fur and little meat, I should be able to fetch me more than half a million credits.

Soon the hovercar had reached the adventurer's paradise and I got out of it.

I dare to bring monsters material in my storage because of adventurers paradise had private submission and selling booths.

One could sell anything inside it without the worry of being spied.

I directly entered the private booth on the first floor of adventurers paradise, there was nothing inside except for the stark white counter.

I scanned my holowatch to the white counter and while counter lit up with two buttons projecting Submit and Sell.

I clicked on the summit and started to place core and spinal fluid of five Violet horn ox monsters.

As I finished putting everything in the counter a, a while light scanned over it soon message projected on the white counter saying, I've finished my job well, money and adventurers points will transfer to my account soon.

"Ting!…" next moment few notifications came into my holowatch.

One from my account reading three hundred and twenty credits had been deposited on my account while other from adventure paradise congratulating me on earning twelve points.

Ten for a job while other extra two monster material is submitted, my account was the same as I've received an extra one hundred and twenty thousand credits for two extra material.

Soon a hole opened in the counter and took all the material off the counter, turning again counter blank.

I've again repeated the process, this time it is for selling, I sold extra fur and meat that I had in my storage.

Selling outside would have earned me a few thousand credits more but that just a hassle, adventures paradise is fine.

"Ting!" I soon receive

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