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The day slowly passed, after I had taken little rest, I took a small tour of the training center to get familiarise myself with it.

I got a little starstruck seeing how many facilities it offered, some of them I've never heard of.

I will try them if I have time later, i my package I have full access to four training facilities and if I have to use others, I will have to pay extra.

The whole day passed and evening came, it is time for dinner.

There is two option to eat here, I could either eat in my room or eat it in the mess.

For today, I decided to eat in my room, it will eat in the mess from tomorrow.

The night passed in the dreamless state and when I woke up in the morning, I felt quite refreshed.

I quickly ordered the meal before going to freshen up.

My schedule is jam-packed, once I leave, I won't be back till the evening.

My Specialised training includes five classes.

1. Combat Style Class

2. Gravity Training Class

3. Hydro Training Class

4. Reflex Training Class

5. Combat Class.

These whole classes will take thirteen hours of my day, I have to attend these classes four days a week while the other three days free, I can do whatever I want.

By the time I finished eating and changed into the practice suit, only twenty minutes are remaining to my class.

"here!" I said and placed a mini tag on Ashlyn's neck, she did not resist as she knew what it is for.

I've booked the special monster training room for Ashlyn, it is specially designed for flying monsters.

Yesterday when we were roaming the training center, we came across it, I and Ashlyn loved it after taking a small tour of it.

I am going to train all day till evening and I don't want to keep her cooped up inside me.

She had trained a little when we were in my hometown but without guidance, she can't do much, no matter how smart she is.

The monster training facility is specially designed for the monster, in that facility, they can develop their strength freely, through the various methods offered by the training facility.

''Chew chew!" Ashlyn flew from the shoulder as we reached the monster training facility, the forcefield didn't stop her seeing the tag on her neck.

I can see many bird monsters are training their and Ashlyn quickly joined them in.

I have to walk for a few minutes before reaching the area where I am going to learn the combat style.

There are still more than ten minutes before the class but forty-something people were already waiting there.

All of them looked me as I entered and some of them had startle color on their faces.

I can understand why is that, all of them were at Corporal stage except for one Specialist stage girl.

Including her, we are only two specialist stage evolver signed up for this Combat style class while all other are at Corporal stage.

There are still ten minutes are remaining for the class to start but I don't think there will be more

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