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Fatty's sad expression suddenly became twisted and cruel smile come across his face.

His already small eye had become smaller, he looked like the villain of those low-grade movies.

"Dylan go catch him?" said fatty to the mid-level specialist boy next to him.

Just as fatty said, specialist stage boy increased his speed suddenly and started to come closer.

Seeing him coming closer, I drank another mana potion and increased my speed a little.

That fatty did not seem to have speed type skill, normally most people won't buy speed type skill, especially Grade 1 skill because of they too much of mana.

Instead, they focus on getting attack and defensive type skill as much as they can.

Believe it or not, speed type Grade 1 Skill takes more mana than another type of skill.

If I activate Lively Wind at its full power, my whole mana drains in just twenty seconds, that's how much mana speed type skill took.

Normal it would take me more than an hour to reach the place I am but now I am running using my skill, it will take me ten to twelve minutes to get out prairie and get a signal on my holowatch.

As long as I got a signal, all will be golden.

I just have to keep wasting time, the soon I get out of the prairie, the more chances of my getting alive would be.

Whenever Dylan tried to get close to me, I will increase my speed, so there will be always a distance between us.

The chase kept going on for full three minutes and soon that fatty understood my strategy.

"Dylan, are you idiot attack him with your long-range skill!" shouted fatty at Dylan.

I was hoping this wouldn't happen but now they are going to attack me, then this leaves me with no option.

"Ashlyn distract him!" I said to Ashlyn who is quietly sitting on my shoulder all this time.

"Chew chew!" she chirped excitedly and before Dylan could activate the skill, she started to rain small fireball at him.

Small bangs could be heard as small fireballs rained on Dylan but it did not do much him except giving him a scalding sensation.

He had already activated all his artifacts including his masks as a precaution against me and Ashlyn fireballs are not powerful enough to him any harm.

Doing him any harm by Ashlyn attacks was never was my intention, my real intention was the intention.

The intention of her attacks was to give me enough time to drink the life potion and launch my attack.

Fire Strike! I said in my mind and launch all three silver bolts through my sword.

One is toward his head, second is toward his chest while third is toward his torso.

I am launching these attacks from intention to kill.

My three bolts of fire are powerful enough they could able to piece the Grade 1 artifacts.

As three bolts traveled near him, he quickly produces large shield which covered both his head and the chest.

"Pang! Pang! Puch!" "Ahhh!" two of my Firebolts had been thwarted by his shield.

The two firebolts wer

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