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"Thank you for the Armor senior Tom!" I said as I returned the armor to my former upperclassmen.

''Its nothing!" He replied lightly, "I have to say, your performance shocked everyone here." praised senior tom.

I just smiled at his praise, after talking a few words with senior tom, I walk back toward the Ellen.

All the monsters bodies had been lifted and transported back to the town.

The Corporal level powerhouse also left one by seeing the danger of the monsters are over.

What surprised me is Instructor Liam and his charges as they walk toward the house, I thought they would spend at least night at the town but looks like he takes the training of his charges very seriously.

Seeing them leaving Ellen's father took a sigh of relief, probably thinking he didn't have to worry about such powerhouses hospitality anymore.

''Michel wait, I'll drop you off!" Ellen said seeing me leaving. She quickly catches up to me and started to climb down the stairs.

We soon reached on the ground and started to walk together toward my home.

"That was Knight grade skill you used in the last right?" Ellen asked I smiled hearing her question.

Her face had to show the contemplation for some time, thinking to ask or not this question as this is related to trump card and such question isn't asked even amongst friend.

Jill had never asked me a direct about question about storage, knight grade artifact, and skill, she just hinted it and I had affirmed her hints.

Ellen asks due to immense curiosity she was feeling and had no other intention.

''Yes it was Knight grade skill!" I said, "I knew it!" she shouted loudly.

Thank god! There are no people on the street otherwise they thought her as mad, shouting in the middle of the street.

We talked about many things as we walked and this time she asked me every detail of the space realm.

She had really got a huge shock seeing my performance earlier.

She earlier thought her and my power would be nearly the same, despite me being a level higher because she is getting specialized training while I am just a free adventure.

She was natural to thought this and if not for the space realm, I don't think, I would be her match.

As getting skill and creating this many seals would have been nearly impossible if I were in westblood not in the space realm.

Not only she asked about me she also talked about her, her life in the training camp.

It is as I expected but also little different, she said that they had an extremely strict training schedule and end of every day she would become so tired that she will not have any energy to do anything.

Every month they have a big test to measure their progress, those who perform better and passed the criteria will have a chance to advance their membership.

"I am confident I can qualify for the elite training if I work double hard for six months at least!" Ellen said clenching her teeth.

Due to her parents being a

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