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After the announcement of competition hell broke loose.

Every training center in westblood started to book full, not only from blood but a training center from other cities also completely booked.

The people started to hunt monsters like crazy for training and news of many casualties could be heard.

Everywhere I go, I could feel the charged atmosphere and many fights occurred in the city that, more than normal police could be seen patrolling the street.

The environment inside my training center even become worst especially for our two Specialist stage evolver as the third one level up Corporal stage two months ago.

Every training class became extra harder and especially Combat class.

Where Corporal stage evolvers favorite hobby is go beat us Specialist grade first, in one of the newly introduced group fights by our instructor.

The corporal stage developers first beat us Specialist stage first as a ritual before fighting amongst themselves.

Combat class had become hell for me but it also stretched me to my limit and I've discovered new strength to myself.

Every training class had taught me something important and help me tremendously in improving my strength.

One month ago we had completed our basic exercise of Combat style and started to learn real combat moves of combat style.

I've only learned basic moves this past month but they are better than the way I used to fight without fighting style.

Not only I've made a qualitative change in my fighting power but I also created the sixth seal of supreme combat exercise, which also increased my strength for a bit.

In these three months, many good things also happened back home and to my friends.

My father had chosen an interesting subject for his research thesis for Grade 2 doctor course.

He chose Supreme Combat Exercise and what is more unbelievable that in three months he had created the 7th seal of exercise and he said he is very close to creating his eighth seal.

I was utterly shocked when I knew this, I know personally how hard is to create every new seal.

Circulation of every move is painful, it is literally self-torture.

My mother said that my father had become near fanatic about his research and whenever he circulates supreme combat exercise, he would connect a bunch of machines of to himself.

That's right my father circulating supreme combat exercise, not for gaining strength but to gain data for his research.

When I ask him how he able to deal with the pain of circulation, he just said that the pain is immense but it paled compared to the pain he felt after eating the mystical medicine.

The is also another which is most important, he said that every time he created the seal, he gets precious data and to gain the precious data, feeling pain for few hours a day is nothing.

He said his next is a target is to create ten seals, that when the qualitative change occurs in seals of exercise.

Gaining the data

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