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"Ashlyn, go lure some Violet horn oxen monsters out!" I said and started to move away sneakily.

I will have to move far enough that my fight with violet horn oxen's didn't attract their large group.

I move speedily for fifteen minutes before I reached the required distance.

This small part of the area is violet horn oxen's hunting field, no other monsters casually breach.

This is far enough, from this distance even if the monster roared top of their lungs, their group won't come in time to save them.

Now I just have to wait for Ashlyn to lure out some monsters out.

Ten some minute later, I sensed Ashlyn coming toward my direction, I activated my sword while waiting for to come closer.

"Moo!" I heard faint moo from my left, it sound full of frustration and anger, looked Ashlyn is doing her job well.

Seconds passed and I started to see silhouettes of violet horn Ox, especially their eye-catching violet horns which they got their name from.

Soon I saw Ashlyn leading angry group of violet horn oxen's, there are five them and as they get closer, I was able to sense their level.

Three violet horn oxen's are at the Initial level of Corporal stage, one is at a mid-level while the biggest one peak level.

All of their sizes are between four to six meters with large swaths of thick hair covering their bodies.

"Mooo!" the leading violet horn ox mooed loudly as Ashlyn attack it with a fireball.

The fireball did not affect it much but it felt irritating and that what angered it most.

It tried to attack her but its no use, the monster use physical attacks and Ashlyn is bird type monsters, no matter how powerful its attacks is, as long as it disnt touch her, they are useless and that what making monster even more furies.

"Good Job, Ashlyn!" I said when monsters were still a few meters away.

"Mooo!" before Ashlyn could reply, I heard a thunderous moo from the five Violet horn oxen's.

They come at me with furious expressions eyes, related or not they had finally found their target and they are going to pierce those sharp horns into it.

Seeing they are coming at me furiously, I did not get scared but smiled heartily.

These monsters are good opponent, I want to test my power, see how much I had improved.

I activated the lively, first tide of nine raging tides and started circulating supreme combat exercise as monster were few meters away of me.

'whoosh!' just peak level monsters came near and readied his horns to attack me, I moved away and straightly went toward three initial level monster while dodging the attack of mid-level monster.

"Swish!" Coming closer to the initial level monster, I directly swing my sword toward the neck of the initial level monster.

"Pachac!" half of its neck is cut and it fell on the ground screaming in pain, I quickly fed more mana to the lively wind and move away from the attack of other two initial level monsters.

I was a little surprise s

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