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I passed the time on my holowatch, reading news and browsing on social media.

It is already evening by the time I closed all the windows on my holowatch and I have to leave soon to meet him in the cafe in the middle ring.

Its good thing that Ashlyn had woken, I will not have to waste time in waking her up.

I freshen up again and changed into new clothes before going out of my apartment.

It took less than an hour for me to reach the cafe, Jim had not come, when I called him, he said he will arrive at half an hour, which is within his mentioned time.

I ordered some snacks and coffee to pass the time before he arrived.

'Chew chew!' Ashlyn chip happily as she ate the croissant with pleasing expression.

Although the cafe is a little expensive, the food is worth it.

'Tingle!' a soft tingle of a bell sounded when I looked up, it is Jim came inside the cafe.

He looks tired, his eyes are red and hair are little messy, he seemed like he hadn't gotten any sleep few days.

"Jim, what happened to you?" I asked worriedly, "Oh its nothing, the herbs you just gave were rare and I could help and make potions out of them, I've been experimenting and making potions this whole week." he replied with a small smile.

"Have you got some sleep this week?" I asked, he really looked like he handed slept for the whole week.

"of course I've slept enough, it's just that I've been in lab sixteen hours every day that why I look like this."

"It feels good to be outside again!" he said and ordered something for himself.

I felt good hearing that, I wouldn't have felt good if he left his lab just to meet me.

We talk casually for while as eat a snack before coming into the main topic.

''So you must be looking for a good training center and apartment, now that you have money," he said.

"Yes, I want systematic training for at least six months and also an apartment which is in the or near the training center would be fine," I said.

''No, problem, my friend is in real estate, he will help find best training center in your budget and discount, like last time." He said called his friend.

Last time was also Jim's friend who helped me find the apartment and I have to pay less than others.

Jim friend received a call and Jim asked me to help me find the best training center and apartment within my budget.

He turned to me and asked me about my requirements and budget.

After hearing my requirement he sends many proposals on the holowatch to choose from.

I was a little hesitant about choosing the training center, just watching on the Holowatch but Jim asked me to trust his friend.

I had already read and done research about many training centers, so it took me a minute to choose the training center.

And now was the time to choose which package I am going to choose for training.

In this matter, I did the extensive research for the whole week, I was in my hometown.

I was surprised seeing the

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