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I collapsed on the floor like the rest of the people, who were able to persist until the end of the class.

I did not have any feeling in my body for five minutes after collapse, only after five minutes did I able to twitch my fingers and move my limbs.

Ten minutes later did I able to get up and felt like a normal person, all the energy I had lost performing the exercise seem to return in my body.

It is a good thing that I wore a practice suit which sucked all my sweat but my face and hair are still a little wet due to the sweat.

Seeing there are only fifteen minutes remaining to the Gravity training class, I hastily walked toward it.

I hope the gravity class would be not exerting as this but that just a fools dream.

I reached the hall of gravity when there were only five minutes are remaining.

I spotted some people who are in my Combat style class were also waiting by the door.

Soon the door of the gravity chamber opened and we come across large hall.

There is no decoration what's so ever in the hall, just a young man in mid-twenties who seemed to be at Master stage.

His body is quite buffed, his bulging muscles could be seen through the tight t-shirt he is wearing.

"I am Adam Neeson and I will be your instructor in the gravity class," he said.

''Formed the lines, keep enough space between yourself that you will not obstruct others by your movements."

"We will do a simple exercise that we have learned in the school while gravity keeps increasing till you feel the hundred kg weight in every cell of your body," he said.

"Oh and the whole 100kg will activate in half an hour," he said and tapped something on his holowatch.

Suddenly I can feel, the gravity is increasing and it's affecting every cell of my body.

"Start!" he shouted and started performing squats while we all followed behind.

There is no need to give direction about these exercises as everyone had performed them at their school.

As minutes passed, I feel like I've become tens of kilo heavy.

First, I didn't feel much about increasing gravity despite feeling kg's of weight on my body but after ten minutes are over, I felt the real weight and it's still increasing.

The increasing gravity making me use more and more energy to perform movements of my body.

The weight I am feeling is not on the single part but every single cell of my body.

As time passed, the pressure and gravity increased more and by the time half an hour is over, I could feel a hundred kg on every part of my body.

Everybody is taking heavy breaths bearing the force of hundred on every part of their body.

The only mercy in this training class that after half an hour, the gravity will not increases but the bad thing is that we have to perform exercises for one and half hour in this gravity.

Fifteen minutes later when I started to feel very tired and started circulating supreme combat exercise for the energy.

"Thud!" one gi

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