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I am not surprised seeing myself crashed against the floor heavily.

I had already expected to receive a strong attack from the corporal stage evolver after my attack hit him.

The other two specialist Stage evolver was never able to touch their opponent but I did and I am damn proud of that.

I weakly stood up from the ground as I am still feeling little shaken due to collusion.

As I am getting up, I saw the surprise in my many people eyes, especially those two specialist stage evolvers.

''Good, very good. You deceived your opponent till last moment and launched the attack at the perfect chance."

''You seem to be agility and speed type from your last attack, keep working on that, there is no need to work much much on the lethality of your attacks, it will automatically get stronger long as you create more seals." Advised the instructor.

When I think of it, it is very sound advice, as long as I kept working on my speed and creating more seal, the lethality of attacks will increase automatically.

It will be difficult to create more seals but I am confident in myself that I will create more seals as long as come across difficult challenges.

"Thank you for advice, instructor," I said gratefully, this advice would help me a lot steer my future training process.

"And you, using your opponent as subject to testing your moves, are you mad? Never do that in reality in against human and monster."

"Earlier if your opponent had used a lethal skill, you would have barely got to use your defensive skill if you had it."

"It was a very dangerous mistake, try not to do in the future, as for your attacks they are very good, you just have work in their strength and always keep small way out for yourself, if you come any dangerous moment like earlier, you will have chance to come out uninjured." The instructor advised to Corporal stage evolver.

"Thank you for advice instructor!" he also.

Our instructor did not waste any time and asked last tow people to fight in the ring.

They were both peak level Corporal stage evolvers and their fight did not disappoint it as the last fight of the class.

They both were very powerful and if their use of the skill and abilities, it would have been even more amazing.

Both of their strength was nearly equal and there was no winner, so, the fight lasted for a whole ten minutes before it was s over.

The instructor gave both of them advice before releasing the class.

This class lasted for more than three hours, near thirteen hours as it stated.

Feeling very tired, mentally especially I walk toward the monster training facility.

Ashlyn had been here for thirteen hours and I can feel she is waiting for me.

As I reach the monster training facility, I opened its door with my holowatch and next moment, I saw Ashlyn flying toward me speedily.

"Chew! Chew!" Ashlyn chirped happily as she landed on my shoulder.

"Do you have fun in training?" I asked wh

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