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Fuck Archer! I shouted in my mind seeing the arrow flying over me and hitting Corporal level monster not far from me.

'Thud!' it is fell on the floor with the thud, the monster is not dead yet, it is still flailing like as fish that brought out of water.

It should die within a few minutes, I thought in my mind when two seconds later another arrow hit it, killing it effectively.

'first Tide!' I said and activated the power of the first tide, with five seals and power of Mid-level Specialist stage, I can easily maintain the power of first tides for near half an hour.

As my power doubled, the specialist Stage around me had become wooden blocks that are waiting to be chopped off by me.

It will take me just around thirty seconds to reach where corporal level monsters are, I just hope that the archer wouldn't kill too much of Corporal level monster.

Archery one of the best tool for monsters hunting, with it one can be safe and also hunt more monsters compare to other weapons wielder.

The thing can help one make kill count the same as an archer is a Wide range of skill but archer can also use those skill.

Only these Wide range type of skills can help one kill a large number of monsters but Wide range skill are cannot be used by Specialist stage.

These skills could only be used by some powerful Corporal stage evolvers like Elites and Super Elites.

I kept killing monsters while also keeping an eye others, I felt rather pleased that there is not anyone who is matching half of my speed.

I can't see Kevin and Ellen for them on being either side but their speed shouldn't be greater than me.

'Puchac!' I sliced another snake monsters head off before it could do anything.

Just ten second, in ten seconds, I will reach where corporal monsters are.

I could jump and land there with the help of the sky steps but that would rather be a risky move.

'Haha!' I let out a laugh as I killed the monsters that other was targeting and move on to another monster without giving her second look.

As more and monster getting killing, many people would target the same monster like just now, to gain a point I just have to kill it before others.

No matter how he injured it heavily, as long as you killed it, the point is yours.

'Finally!' i said in my mind am I attack initial level Corporal stage Searing Hog.

It is also attacking me with its blazing hot red tusks but its speed is too slow compared to my sword.

I am only attacking it with the power of the First tide, I want to see if it is enough or I will have to add the power of another tide in the mix.

"Puchi!" my sword directly pierced through its skull, I swiftly removed my sword and quickly feed the mana to the lively wind so that I could dodge the dead body of a searing hog that about to collide against me.

I wouldn't have received any injuries except for taking a step or two back by the collision but I decided to play it safe.


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