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The building of adventures paradise in the shape of Tall Spiral Tower, it is one of the tallest building in the westblood.

Thousands of people could be seen coming and going inside it but it did not feel crowded least a bit.

I walk into a tall building and met with hundreds of circular screen that were projection tasks.

There are thousands of types of weird jobs had been projected, from the simple task as collecting a herb to became ones sparring partner for the day.

There is even request of reinforcement from another city, mentioning that they need reinforcement for monster horde that will attack their city in two days.

There are endless jobs and below jobs, there are a monetary reward and paradise points they will get completing also written.

After reading some requests in I walk toward the registration section.

There is no human in the registration section all machines, many people around my age could be seen standing in front of palm size machine and that machine releasing green light on their body.

I also stood in front of a small machine and scanned my Holowatch into it, soon it released the green light which started scanning my body.

I didn't feel anything as green light passed over my body, the green light felt like any other light.



Name: Michael Zaar

Power: Mid Level Of Specialist Stage

Adventure Paradice ID: GXPH2638463

Said machine out loud and I've received the Electronic ID of the adventurer's paradise.

Seeing the registration is over, I walk out of adventurers paradise building and called a cab toward my apartment building.

I will not have time to come to the adventurer's paradise building at least five days.

Tomorrow I have to move and get familiar with my new apartment while the days after that would be my training.

"Chew chew!" I woke up by the Ashlyn chirp, last night I slept right after eating dinner to wake up early for today.

I ordered the breakfast before going to freshen up and bath, by the time I've returned the breakfast already had arrived.

After I finished eating, I started to pack, I do not have much stuff, except for my clothes, I have a few other things I count mine.

I put most of my stuff into my storage till it full while remaining ones went into my backpack.

I took a long look at the apartment which I stayed for three months.

I don't have many friends here, so there is no question of meeting them before leaving.

The only friend I had in the building is Rhea but she moved away to the middle ring, right after we came out of the space realm.

I've received her message three days ago, she is also in the middle ring and going through the specialized training.

It took me fifteen minutes to reach my training center in middle ring from my former apartment in the outer ring.

From today I am the official residence of the middle ring and it comes with many perks

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