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The binding that limiting me had finally shattered, I can feel that I am leveling up, the whole change happening in my body.

I have to hurry and make a breakthrough soon as possible, even if those two idiots outside were given me time till now but they will not risk it after they sense my breakthrough.

They have enough brain to understand, once I breakthrough, I will reach near their level and could go completely kamikaze on them.

That is why I have leveled up to Initial Corporal Stage soon, it was a good thing 1.5% monster core had already melted and its berserk energy rampaging my body, I can now easily convert this 1.5% energy for my breakthrough needs and If I need more, there is still 1% left which is melting currently.

It was a good thing that I had my central storage full otherwise, I wouldn't have a second chance to rest as whatever mana I am converting, it getting sucked by my body, I have run my refine engine faster and faster to meet the needs.


Just as I thought, I will only need to refine at this speed, another huge suction started and this time surprisingly, it is from my temple space.

I understood the reason quickly, it was like last time when I level up to Specialist stage.

The one seal I had in my temple space had imprinted on Ashlyn, that time I had only one seal and this I have one big seal and seven normal seals or could be said now I have seventeen seals which are going to take a hit load of mana.

Mana I have not worried about, I have tons of berserk energy in my body to convert, the thing I am worried about converting the mana as I am now currently needing the mana for level up.


A sound came out of my mouth, as I was refining furiously to supply for the seals and my level up, I started to notice change happening in My Refininement Engine.

It is not only getting bigger, the runes on it started changing as well, I abut I am also surprised seeing this as every Refininemet Engine change a little after host breakthrough the stages.

Well, it is a good thing for me, as my Refinement Engine is changing, the converting berserk energy into mana also getting easier, so, I was able to supply more mana to the source.

Ashlyn is still unresponsive, she seemed unconscious. Her source is still undergoing the change as the things related to the source is never a simple thing.

One thing I am sure though, I will soon receive a huge upgrade in my fire ability, currently, there is no change in my fire ability, I can feel it but very soon that will change.

"Fuck, it's been half an hour, are we not going to do anything now!" said the first fatty said agitatedly, his nerves which were calmed down by his cousin's words are now acting weird again and this time at full force.

He is getting a feeling that something bad will happen soon and he just wants to finish that bastard in hole soon and run toward his big cousin, who will save him whatever bad that

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