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I started to circulate the supreme combat exercise and as I had expected, the pain and resistance hit me like a roadblock.

The pain is still fine, the burning pain I am feeling in every cell of my body is still greater than the one I am feeling due to supreme combat exercise, so it does not affect that much.

The thing that affected me most is resistance I am getting while circulating the supreme combat exercise.

Before eight seals It was like climbing the steep mountain, the journey was hard but I was complete it with hard work but now It is still climbing that steep mountain, the difference is this time doing with 1000kg weight on your back.

It is very very hard to make a single circulation much less making twenty-four to create the seal but now I have no choice, even if the wight on by back is ten thousand kilograms, I will have to climb that mountain because falling means death which is not an option for me.


I started to scream loudly as kept circulating the mana on its route and finally able to finish the first circulation.

As I am starting on the second circulation, I felt resistance had increased by a fraction but that did not affect me as I keep circulating with all my strength.

I could feel that the sword the Damocles is inching closer to me every moment and I have to create seals to keep it from decapitating one.

The melting of the monster core is not going to stop and the more it melts, the more berserk energy I will have in my body, so before it could reach its limit, I had to create the seal of the supreme combat exercise.

One circulation after another, I kept circulating the mana in my body and finally, related to the sixth cycle and started on seventh.

I have to circulate even faster, I can feel the body reaching the limit, in three to four minutes, I will reach my limits and It will pop like a balloon.

With the sword of Damocles on my neck, I started to circulate even faster and faster, with every circulation resistance kept increasing little by little but my speed of circulation increased despite that.

The reason for that is the thought of revenge.

Earlier I did not think I have any chance of surviving, So, I did not waste my time entertaining the thoughts of revenge but now there is small chance me surviving and the thoughts of revenge started to surface on the mind.

I swore in my mind, that I will kill three of them with the same cruel method that they had used on me, I will make them die in the same cruel way they are making me die.

My Refinement Engine and Supreme Combat exercise, is only giving me a chance of survival and If one can state in percentage then it will be equal to 1%.

Some even say that 1% percent is an overestimation as to use up all the all berserk energy of the core, I will have to create tens of seals and everybody knows that the higher the number of seals one has, the more difficulty he will face creating more seal.


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