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The Monster core went into my stomach and started to melt immediately but except for feeling a little hot, I did not feel anything.

It was Specialist stage monster core that I just ate, I wanted to test how powerful it's berserk energy really is? how much time does it take to melt? how much energy it can provide me?

If I can control its melting speed as I had thought of many uses of it.

One of such in battle, I had to drink a lot of mana potions during the battle especially against Master stage monster despite my mana storage expanded after level up

It is still not enough to fight against Master stage monster but now there is hope for unlimited mana.

If I am able to control the melting speed of the monster and it had enough mana then I can use as many skills I without worrying about mana consumption.

This Mid-stage Specialist core melting at high speed as it keeps pumping berserk energy in my body.

I reached it with my mental energy and enveloped the Monster core with it, first, nothing happened but as I kept applying the pressure, the melting started to slow down and soon, I am able to control its melting speed.

Seeing that I turned very happy, this core has enough energy that it could supply me enough energy that is worth ten to twelve bottles of mana potions and my body could easily handle it.

This will save me lots of efforts and time during the battle seeing I had to drink five to six mana potions during the battle.

The power of this Mid-level specialist stage core amount to less than 1% of the monster core I've fed.

The berserk energy in this core is quite a low grade compare that of Master Stage monster core but I have a plane.

Eating master stage core is not a problem, if I ate in a small amount like Ashlyn, the main problem is controlling it.

What I plan to do is start from controlling berserk energy of low-grade cores, as my control get stronger I will move to high-grade cores.

I am already capable of controlling the Specialist stage Berserk energy in my body, in few days I should be able to Corporal stage and by the end of the month if I work really hard then controlling Master stage Berserk energy won't have a problem.

There is quite a lot of berserk energy in my body and I can't convert any more as my central storage is full. I won't be a problem if I left it inside the body but I will feel quite uncomfortable, leaving it there, it will be best if I spend.

Pick the sword from the stand beside my bed and get out of the tent, nearly all people are asleep and those who are awake are far away from me, so, my actions won't disturb anyone.

When I was walking a little away from my tent, I noticed there are three new tents beside Jims, they seem a little worse than Jim but were a lot better than mine.

One more thing I noticed about Jim's tent that It seemed a little bigger than when I looked carefully, It seems like expanded and produce another room.

Seeing everyth

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