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He was only able to calm down after he killed all the monster that had been feeding on the bloody gore of his brother and cousin.

He wiped the tears that unconsciously formed in his eyes and looked at all the blood and gore that spread around the large area.

He first thought that someone was spying on them and when he left.

The one who spies on them had killed his brother and cousin with this cruel method but when he carefully looked at the scene around.

He quickly understood how wrong he was with his assumption and real reason had shocked him very much.

'How did he got the core out of himself?' he asked himself but after thinking so much he didn't find the answer, to him it seemed impossible as he never heard anyone could vomit out the core.

From what he knows there are only two ways to survive once you have eaten the core, first is survive help of your body.

like a peak Sergeant stage like him had eaten the Specialist core, he will able to survive as his body is strong enough to endure the berserk energy but if that core had been of Corporal stage Monster or above monster core then even he had to suffer the death.

As for the second way, this is based purely on the rumors he had heard. It is said that those who went on for Super Elite training had given special refinement engines which can convert any energy and even converting berserk energy is not a problem for the refinement engine but that simply rumors he heard.

It is true or false he did not know, he only knows that it is impossible to have such Refinement Engine in the hands of low-level adventurer they had captured.

He started to collect flesh and flood of his brother and cousin with the help of his wind type ability and more he collected more angry he became and he swore that not only he will take revenge on him, he will also take revenge on his family and friends.

He burned the blood and gore and collected the ashes in the bottle, he will only bury this ashes after he had his revenge on his brothers killing.

To him his little brother did nothing wrong, he was just having a little fun and he was more than happy to indulge his brother as long he does on cross line in killing someone important.

His thoughts were really twisted and that may be the reason why his brother got such sick hobby of making people explode.

"Good boy!" said dean to his monster as he finally able to catch the smell of his brother killer, another party really did a good job erasing his smell and proof but his monster still able to catch a whiff of it.

It is not able to track his brother killer but his brother killer ever entered two three-kilometer range around him, his monster would know it immediately.

Seeing everything is done, he left with his monster thinking about one after another cruel way to kill his brothers killer.


When I entered the Region five, the first thing I heard the sound of water which was made by my feet.


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