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I lost all the feeling of my body that I am not able to twitch my finger and that's not all the pain is returning.

My body has gone under huge burden these fifteen hours, not only I hap put immense strain on my muscles, I even drank forbidden medicine which damaged my body even further.

The only saving grace that I had drunk the last bottle of my life potion before being immobilized, that will at least heal the injuries that I had gotten from the reaper especially the last one on the head.

At least these injuries would be healed by the life potion and as for the recovery from the forbidden medicine, it will take a few days for them to go.

I take sigh internally looking at my condition, I am as helpless as earlier, it could be said that I am more helpless now.

Earlier when I am running from The Blade Snake, at least I have the freedom to move freely as I wish but now I lay here immobilize, not having power to even twitch my finger.

Here even Specialist stage monster could kill me without having any resistance from me, the only form of protection I have is Ashlyn.

She wanted to go out and protect me but I stopped her, her going out may attract even more monster and have only been at Peak specialist stage, she could protect me against some specialist monster at most and against Corporal stage ones she stands no chance.

My only hope is that some human could spot me and help me up a little, activating my tent and placing me there would be enough.

Times passed by and from the direction of the sun, I could guess that its been an only hour since I crashed into this region and I was lucky enough that no monster came to attack me.

I wanted to sleep so badly that I am barely able to stop myself from doing that, the mental and physical fatigue is taking a toll over me.

I wanted to sleep in a place where I felt relatively safe, where there is a little guarantee of safety like my tent.

As time passed, I thought my luck will really hold for some but sadly the good times is over as I spotted big yellow bird had started to hovering above me.

I can not guess its level up looking at its size, I am sure that its at Corporal stage or above.

The bird monster seemed to hover above me and looking at how it is flying lower and lower, I felt death is very close.

I am not scared of death, In this past year I had enough close shaves with death that there not much fear left, not to forget just an hour ago, I survived the reaper's scythe.

I just hope to live little more, I have some small dreams like compete in the league of heroes, having a girlfriend and spending some time with friends and family, especially my sister who is just toddler right now.

Seeing the bird coming closer to me, I am just about to release the Ashlyn so she could have a chance of survival when I suddenly heard light footsteps.

A few seconds later, I could clearly hear the footsteps, there seems to be more than one person coming t

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