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Ihad finally entered the Corporal stage, I said with the deep sigh, I had dreams about this movement for a countless time but now it had finally come true.

It took me a while to come out of my joyous moon but I finally get myself out of it and when I looked at two unconscious bodies my eyes harden again.

I bring backs to bodies together and started to remove all the artifacts they are wearing, I didn't forget to check their bodies in case they have storage space but no such luck there.

After wearing my knight grade artifact they have taken from me, I finally took out two red monster cores from my pocket.

If one looks at these cores carefully, they will that these cores are look similar to the one that they had fed me, just a little smaller and less bright.

These two cores in my hand also the cores of the Fiery Lion just that they of Peak level Sergeant stage fiery lion and the core that these fed me must have been of Master stage fiery lion.

I had brought these sergeant stage cores for Ashlyn to eat, she had already eaten the core of Sergeant stage fiery lion every day and of the ten monsters core, now only four had left with me.

I crouch down holding two core and started putting them the mouth of two fatties one by one, after shaking their head a little, I force down the core into their stomach.

I had sworn earlier that if I got a chance, I will give them the same death they were trying to give them to me, my only regret that these core are not as powerful as the one they had tried to feed me.


It just took a few seconds for them to come out of their unconsciousness, they started flailing the ground as the volcano erupted in their stomach.

I can clearly understand how much pain they are feeling as I am feeling the same pain a few minutes ago, it is excruciating and it will increase more over time till it reaches the peak.

They looked at me with begging eyes as they can't talk due to the pain they are feeling but I just looked at them with cold hard eyes.

Seeing how expertly they fed me the core and dug a hole for a maximum sound effect, they have probably done this many times.

These people are cruel, they get sick pleasure in watching someone suffering in pain, people like this should be tortured the same way as they had done with their victims.

I felt kind of sick watching them suffering the pain, if I had any food in my stomach, I would have definitely vomited.

Despite feeling sick, I force myself to watch them and swore if anyone does anything cruel to me, I will reciprocate that behavior two times against them.

It was a good thing that I bind their legs and arms with the special type of rope I found in their backpack in case they tried to suicide, these sick people usually weak-willed, if they think there is no chance to survive then they will commit suicide instead of facing the death dead on.

The rope in their backpack must be used to bind thei

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