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Rule? What are they? A type of Energy? Or a different type of power? I don't know what to think of it.

He said that the awakening ceremony will help us awaken our minds and help up comprehend a high level of power. He said that Rule power transcend stages and even lowest stage evolver could kill the strongest powerhouse of the world if he comprehended.

That sounds like words of fantasy, even if I don't know much about the world I live, I still know that our continent is a tiny part of the world and our continent had evolvers that reached just twelve stages which are called twelve basic stages for some reason.

The real powerhouses found in the Central continent but it is extremely hard to go there and only top organizations knew how to get there as all the top organizations here are just small branches of the organizations of Central continent.

Going to Region 9 going to be dangerous, unlike Region 1 to Region 5 where you can go directly to any regions as there are multiple barriers, It is different from the Region 6.

If I have to go to Region 9 from Region 6 then I will have to pass through Region 7.

Region 7, Region 8 and Region 9 are already very dangerous but now with loosening restriction, the realm will become even more dangerous as unpredictably of spatial still exist.

As now realms limit will increase from Master stage to Lieutenant stage, so, all those in this realm those who are stuck in Master stage be it humans or monsters, both will able to level up.

From Master stage monster I can run away but I would really hard to run away from the lieutenant monster.

Jim had said the realms restrictions will loosen around somewhere midnight and that is when organizations will open a gate of Minerva realm again to let millions of people in.

There will be a slaughter, not only of monsters but of humans as well, as to gain power than transcend the stages. If they are able to even touch their power, not only they will gain huge strength, they will be made Super Elites as organizations had promised.

With such tantalizing offer, many people will jump the gun without care for their lives, there will be mayhem, I just hope that organizations will only Corporal stage above evolvers let in, in that way casualties that will happen could be minimized..

Now I have around sixteen hours before restriction loosen and the gates of Minerva realm open to let a large number of people in.

As I think about it as a simple plan formed inside my mind. I am going to go directly to the Region 7 now, it will take me eight to nine hours to reach the boundary.

After reaching the Region 7, I will find a relatively safe place before those Master stage monsters started to level up to the lieutenant stage.

There in Region 7, I will wait for waves of people to come as I am not going be lucky enough to transport next to the boundary in Region 7.

I will wait for new people to came and fight of strong monsters that had

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