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"That was close!" I said to myself as I sat by tree resting, It been three days since I have been hunting the Master stage monsters.

I would have left yesterday but I decided to spend one more day hunting.

As for the reason for my condition which looked utterly wretch, well, what I can say, I tried more than I can chew and accidentally bite my tongue top of that.

For two days I had hunted monsters, some killed quickly while others took more than hours to kill as I had Special bolt of fire Strike I had no fear.

So, In two days, I can say I grew more confident of my ability than I should have and tried to attack the Mid-level Master stage monster.

That was a big mistake as the special bolt of Fire Strike which I have so confident of utterly failed against it and I had to run for my life.

That monster had chased me for a good two hours and only left when it failed to catch me despite its best attempt.

It is good thinking on my part that I chose weaker Mid-level Master stage monsters to fight if the monster was little stronger I would have been more wretched than this.

This was the last monster I was going to hunt before going to Region 6 but now I had to go without hunting it.

These near three days proved very helpful to gain better control over my newfound strength and now I can ignite one jet with previous precision and efficiency without chances of failing.

The three days of hunting had given me enough confidence to go into Region 6 without worry, even if I transported next to power master stage monster, I will have more 50% chances of running away.

I look around myself to where I am currently, with monster chasing me, I didn't have the luxury to see the map. The only thing I knew that I was in Corporal stage monster territory.

Cleaning my hair of dust and other things, I climbed on the tree and started to jump toward spatial boundary that will take me to Region 5.

Before coming to the Minerva realm, I had decided to train in Region 3 and Region 4, I had decided to Region 5 if I had leveled up and had enough confidence in my ability but now I am heading to the Region 6.

I will mostly train in Region 6 till the realm closed, as for going to Region 7 I didn't even think about it.

From what I have read Region 7 is very dangerous, the monster their way more powerful than the other regions.

Region 7, Region 8 and Region 9 this is where strong Sergeant and Master stage evolvers train, their strength usually above normal elite and they are just below trainee elite in power.

Corporal stage and Sergeant stage super-elite also train in this Region as for Region 10 and above in that area only Master stage dare to train as In Region 10 or above, the monsters are at a completely different level.

It is said Monster is not the only type of danger there, there are things that are more dangerous than monster exists in those regions.

I shook my head and shake away the thoughts of those r

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