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I look at him weirdly hearing his excited shout, it is very rare to see Jim so excited, I have seen him this excited very few times.

"You are quite lucky to have this, I had to beg my mother for months to get storage equipment same level like this," Jim said.

"Storage Artifacts?" I asked in confusion as I was under the impression that it is a very good preservation box, look like those runes on it were not just for the show but before I could ask him, he started explaining himself.

"Yes, A Vintage High-level Knight grade storage artifact and this type of design used to be quite a popular century ago but now people used pocket type storage artifact."

"It needs refined mana crystal, the non-refined one I have won't work on it." He said with regret.

"Don't worry, after we went back home, I will give you a refined crystal," he said and handed me back the box.

I felt very pleased when he said he will give refined mana crystals without hesitation as not only they are insanely expensive but also very rare.

"How much space it will have?" I asked with trepidation, hoping it will be seeing it High-Level Knight grade artifact.

"10 square meters," Jim said shocking the hell out of me, I had expected it to be four or five meters at most as the storage pouch I have is Low-level Knight grade artifact and it had an only space of one square meter.

"Don't take it out in front of anybody." Warned Jim, I nodded in understanding. The allure of high-grade storage equipment is too great, its space is ten times greater than what low-level storage equipment could offer.

He left soon after saying I had to make lunch for the before leaving for my training which I readily agreed.

Just as Jim left and I shut my tent tightly and activated my tent at Maximum security without care for the Sergeant level core I am burning at every half an hour.

After seeing all is safe, I took out one thumbnail size colorless crystals out, this is refined Crystal which was part of a payment that Shawn had given me and Sarah.

I don't know why but it never comes in my mind to Mana crystal on the case, all this time I was using monster core like an idiot.

I carefully put the Mana Crystal on the slot and next moment all the runes on it lit up a little and when I opened the case, I saw nothing but dark space just like my pocket storage.

It really is Storage Artifact! I thought in my mind, till now I still had some doubts in my mind but seeing the dark space all is cleared.

''Hun!" An involuntary sound came out of my mouth when I looked inside it, Inside it is paper books each one is about a hundred pages thick, there seem to be about a hundred of them.

Paper is quite rare to see, only high-class people use as a symbol of status.

It is not that paper is expensive, it is quite cheap really but no one actually uses it seeing holowatch can do the same work and store millions of times of data.

I am quite disappointed seeing this

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