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"It's in great condition." I said excitedly as I took out the tiny venomous pouch from the blackened dead Life Vapour Mosquito.

There must be four to five drops of venom inside it as I placed the pouch in the small bottle carefully, the price Life Vapor Mosquito is insanely expensive and could be compared to the drop of daffodil bees honey that I have.

These few drops will sell even more expensive seeing they are from Sergeant stage Monster and honey I have is made by is Corporal stage daffodil bees.

The reason the venom of Life Vapour Mosquito because it is the thing which burns the life force, I had never any venom could do that before hearing about Life Vapour Mosquito.

It is also the thing which Jim had given special start in his list, means it is very important.

After storing the ints venom pouch, I took it to core out which would only fetch three or maybe four-time price Master stage monster seeing it is from upper A grade monster, it gets a good price but compares to venom it is nothing.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

It may be not much in price compare to its venom but to me, it is more precious, It is a core Upper A monster which has more dense and powerful energy in its core than that of the master stage.

When I get enough control over Berserk energy, I will eat it and see how dense berserk energy it have.

The Corporal stage Life Vapor mosquito completely turned to ash as I touched it, except for its core, nothing had survived. I resumed my journey after storing everything in my storage.

On the journey to the Boundary of Region 6 only Stone Forest are is dangerous as it had both Master and Specialist stage monsters as long as I cross this Stone forest, my whole journey will be uneventful till I reached the boundary.

Time passed by, as I traveled through the stone forest, I've come across many specialist stage monsters which I killed with a single shot of mine.

As Master stage monster, I did not touch them as engaging with them only going to waste my precious time.

It's not that I did not kill any Master stage monsters, I had killed them and even ran away from them.

Just when I was about to get out of the Store Forest a Peak level Master stage monster started to chase after me, if not for me having unlimed mana, I would have definitely got seriously injured.

After getting out of the stone forest, the rest of the journey was quite simple, except for the minor glitch, there had been a team of four led by Mid Specialist stage evolver tried to rob me but they were all dead by my special bolt before they even knew it.

They had come to rob me but I robbed them instead as I took all the good things their dead self had.

"Boundary!"I said with a sigh as I saw many people hurried to pass through it. No one is an idiot and those who got the same intelligence lasme should have though plan similar to as it is most viable a

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