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It is right, the chances of dying by the bite of Life Vapour Mosquito are a little less compared to dying in the hands the of other two banes.

Like I've said earlier the venom of Life Vapor Mosquito is like a lump of hot coal and life force is like water and after some time the lump of coal will lose its heat and water turned back to normal temperature after it no longer received any heat.

So, if once life force outpaces or whittles away venom one by one then one can have chances of survival but that can only happen when you have more lifeforce than life vapor Mosquitoes venom can burn away.

Normally one can survive the bite of the Life Vapor Mosquito if your level same as it higher than it, with 10% to 20% life force left in you but if Life force mosquitos level higher than you then you have no chance to survive.

Sorry, there is a chance, one can survive as long as he has to have things that contain immense life force like the honey of daffodil bees.

As long as one whittle away all the toxin of Life Vapor Mosquito, he can survive even if he has less than 10% life force left in him as life force could be recovered naturally over time.

Many people had started activating their tents beside the streams of lava, they had activated their outside, the Life Vapor Mosquito of Master stage easily pierce the defense of the tent but now activating here, they have no such fear as Life Vapour Mosquito of any stage won't come near the lava.

My heat resistance is very good and it became even better after the whole eating core fiasco, so, I didn't feel much about activating the tent.

More are more people kept coming and their numbers reached more than three thousand but in all those people I have seen only six victims of Life Vapour Mosquito.

The venom of Life Vapour Mosquito not only burn the life force but it also completely immobilized on, so, if you get stung by it then in few seconds you won't even able to take a step forward.

That is why very few victims could be seen as only very very goods friends or siblings would risk their life as picking victim of Life Vapor mosquito not only add an extra burden on you but also attract many more monsters.

Seeing the three banes people would sacrifice their friends to save their life, saving other would be last thought that would come to their mind, only those who have strong relationships or have the friendship of life and death would think about other when facing The Three Banes.

More and more people coming out of the stone forest as they ran out of the stone forest, another victim came, this time it seemed to be a girl who was on the back of the boy and there is another beside him who was supporting victim from falling.

The green vapor seemed to be coming out this girl body are exceptionally dense than all the other victims.

This girl is gone! I thought while shaking my head, this girl must have been bitten by strong Life Vapour Mosquito or several of them t

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