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I dived into ongoing large battle, it can not be called dived in as battle is happening down below, a dive up would be a good choice of words.

I did not look much at the battle but one look was enough to see what is happening down below.

The team of six people all of them either at peak Corporal stage or Sergeant stage fighting the Group of Ape monsters, all the monsters ape seemed to at initial to the peak level of sergeant stage.

The interesting thing happened when I and the Reaper entered the are of battle, we entered the battle more specifically The Blade Snake, the Ape monsters stance completely changed after catching the shadow of The Blade Snake.

They who were screaming in fury while fighting with humans had become quiet as a mouse and started to run at their most top speed without care for the battle.

Their expression looked like they have seen the death god and did not wish to stay at the place where the death god had visited.

I didn't have time to see the reaction of fellow humans as I already sped past the battle and looking at the blue blur that is following me without stopping, It seemed that it is is dead set on eating my brain as it did not even give looked at the human who has great numbers and was quite powerful also.

I felt ashamed thinking this but I kind of hoped that this reaper which had been following me would be enticed by the other humans and stop following me with such frenzy.

"Sister, what happened?" Asked a Peak Corporal stage boy seeing all the monster running so suddenly.

He fought little distance away from the main battle so he was not able to see the blue blur that went ran past the center of their battlefield if he had seen that blur, he would have not asked that question.

"The Reaper!" she said softly before looking at all her team member which still seemed in a daze, while her brother still seemed confused by her answer.

"Let's get out of Region 3 as soon as possible!" She shouted, her shout brought all her team member's back to themselves.

All of them nodded, started going toward opposite direction at their most top speed while traveling they started to discuss what they had seen in a hushed voice, a clear look fright still could be seen on their faces.

"Do you think he will survive?" A question came out of his mouth before he could control himself.

All gazes of his team member landed on him and one by one all of them started shaking their head.

Even if it was for second, they saw through the level of both The Reaper and the one it is following. From their view, if the runner's stage had been higher than the reaper by one or two, he would have slight chance to survive but runner's level was clearly below The Reaper according to them, he had no chance of surviving.

I had already activated the night vision mode on my mask an hour ago when the twilight came, now the whole sky had become dark, there not even soft light of the moon.

In this past

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