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Sky Steps!

Taking third big jump from the sky steps, I reached the crown of the tree and from there, I started taking a jump on the other tree but suddenly a blur caught my eye and gave me a big fright.

The Blade Snake is coming is climbing the tree at lightning speed, its speed is so fast that my eyes were only able to the blue blur.

Feeling very scared, I started running on the trees, I know this is very dangerous, just a little mistake on my part and I will fall on the ground where reaper will be waiting for me with its blade.

I had never run on the tree before but I had seen a video on the web how to do that when I saw few people running on the trees in miasta forest.

It's fortunate that I still remember the basic tips of it, which are now helping me ran on the trees right now but I know the slight mistake on my part would cost me a fall.

Just single slip of my feet and I will directly enter the world of the dead.

The one thing that helping me most are my fire jets, using sky steps over and over would take too much of my mana as I am already using two of my knight grade skill while I am running.

I don't think the potion bottles potions I have would last if I kept using sky steps, so, using the my fire jets to jump around the trees is best option as they gave my legs enough power to make long jumps and If tree is really out of my jumps range which hardly, I can use the sky steps as final option.


The heard noise, only to see the tree which I had just taken the jump from has fallen, I couldn't see clearly what happened but I know it is the work of the Blade Snake.

I was right, just as I took a jump on another tree, I found it is falling on the ground.

I had to take a quick jump on another tree which I barely able to balance myself before taking next jump again.

This fucking Reaper! I cursed as I sacred shitless seeing that, the blade is cutting the trees which I am jumping on to make me fall.

I got a clear look as it swung its tail at the tree trunk and the tree trunk clearly cut into, it feels like it's not cutting trees but leaves as Its taking barely any time to cut the tree.

I am really feeling scared right now, if it caught up to me, then I wouldn't have a chance to scream before it cut my head in half and eat my brains.

Suddenly I moved toward the left despite knowing it will be dangerous ahead, not only this way passed through the area where the densest population Sergeant stage is, I will even have to leave the protection of the tree after few hours but this route is still better as this route is closer to Region 4 boundary.

The boundary of Region 4 little more than a hundred kilometers away if I had taken the other way, I had to run for about hundred and fifty kilometers away, a fifty kilometer more that the route I am currently taking.

It will take me the whole night and early morning to cross a hundred kilometers but If I give my all then I am confident

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