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Minerva realm is little different than the other realms, it realm which made from connecting various small realms, there are seventeen such small realms made whole Minerva realm and that is why when one enters from one region to another he will appear at the totally random place of that region.

That also applies to the entrance of the realm that is why when we first entered it, appeared in random places within Region 1.

By my speed, I should be able to reach the boundary of the region 1 within half an hour, I thought as I looked at the map on my holowatch.

There are many monsters attacked me on the way but all of them were killed by my sword and like I though the earlier Mantis monster that attacked me must have come from the Region 2 as the other monster Region 1 that attacked me were a lot weaker than it.

I felt little confused though as from what I know, monsters cant move to other for some weird reason and that is good thing otherwise if the strong monsters of other regions were able to move to other regions, then this realm would only for Seargent and Master stage evolvers to adventure.

Soon I reached the boundary which connects Region 1 and Region Region 3, it looked like layer bubble which stretched miles and miles.

"Chew!" Ashlyn chirped and went inside me as I closed near the bubble layer, I hope that when I entered another side, I won't be directly entering the layer of some powerful monster or the question of me surviving will become real called.

As I passed through the layer, I find wind on my body and then came the coldness. When my vision cleared I found myself on the hill and it is slowing.

The hill is lightly covered in the snow and when I look around, I felt like I am standing in some beautiful scenery. This is one of those ideal places which are picture should be taken to upload on your social media account.

There is not a single hill but a whole range of them which stretched for the miles and miles.

I did not waste any time and launched a fist-sized drone out of my pocket to take some pictures of me, I had brought this drone months ago to record my battles against monster so I could watch it at home and go over the mistakes I made but now I am using it to take beautiful pictures of me.

I know I should first analyze my location first to access the danger but scenery here is so irresistible that I couldn't help but take some photos.

These photos sure going to make them jealous! I thought.

After taking photos from all the angle, I put away the drone and open the map on my holowatch to access my location. I already have a faint idea about where I am seeing I studied the map quite extensively for three days.

My current location is Christopher hill range, it is dividing line between the territory of Specialist stage and Corporal stage monster, a good location for me to start my training in the Region 3.

Activating my sword, I started to climb the hill as I wanted to go the

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