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I have no choice but to use my full power right now as my earlier attack had only able to draw the single line of blood across its tail and that line of blood isn't deep either seeing only a few drops of blood come out of it.


"fur fur fur! Furfur fur!" It attacked me again with fury, seeing I attacked it but I easily dodged its mouth with igniting three jets behind my legs.

To Corporal stage evolvers my instant moment feels like a blur as Its speed is now comparable to one of best speed type skills amongst low-level knight grade skills.

The reason I brought the speed type skill because those jets only provide spur of speed which is useful in battle but when its time to run they are not that helpful as they cant give constant consistent speed, only speed type skill could do that but not much longer as I planned to rectify that weakness soon.


It screamed loudly and came at me again, this monster is pretty much powerful in every aspect except for speed, If it also had a speed then this monster would have enough power to kill stronger Initial Seargent stage monster without fear.

A faint green smoke started to come out of my body and I felt amazing strength spreading in my body as eight seals releasing the vitality which spreading through my body, the more vitality the seals would release the stronger my strength would grow.

This is my strength type skill Barbarians Shadow, It is the skill which I got from my training center, it used both mana and vitality together to enhance the strength of the body.

The most laughable thing about this skill is that this skill could say to be one of the most amazing strengthening type skill amongst strength type skill but barely anyone was able to bring out its potential.

As this skill uses one quarter of mana and three quarter of vitality which is insane, to bring out this much Vitality one needs more than ten seals of supreme combat exercise while I am currently only able to provide less than a quarter of vitality this skill needs, so, this skill now only able to provide me with power that barely reaches knight grade skill but that will be enough.

'Furfur fur!' 'fur fur fur!'

On top of activating the strengthening skill and I even ignited fire jets behind my arms for extra boosts, let's see if how your defense survives against this.

"Ahhh!" I screamed loudly jumped seeing it come biting toward me, this time I am performing the same attack as I did for the first time.

"Pacha!" "Grrrr!"

I brought down my whole weight down with my sword, as my sword hit its back, the scales which I only able make scratch last time but this time my sword passed through scales like butter without feeling any obstruction.

Finally, my sword passed through its skin, creating a large wound and I heard loud screamed of monster next moment.


I wanted to launch another attack but I saw its jagged tail coming at, so, I jumped off its back but de

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