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Jill asked her aunt, she wanted to bring Micheal to her organization for some time because potential she saw in him but she didn't get a chance till now.

Her organization is a little different from other organizations, it is a neutral organization which always stayed away from power struggle of other organizations.

The process of recruiting of their organization is little different than others that is always why they have very few numbers.

Their numbers are even less than shadow rogues who have minimum numbers than any other organizations.

"Your friend is quite good, he would have been very suitable for our organization but sadly, he has no future." Her aunt said with a sigh.

Jill's shocking hearing this, it is Micheal potential that made her want to recruit him in her organization otherwise no matter how good friend he is, she would have not forced her aunt to come here to see the performance of Michael.

''He hasn't received an invitation from the seven organizations right?" said her aunt.

I could help but nod hearing this as Micheal also lamenting how he did not receive an invitation from the top seven organizations.

"What is the reason?" I asked, I huge potential Michael, the only flaw he has is that monster of his.

As long as he overcame the false limit, which she had full confidence in him, he can bond with another monster which had a high-level bloodline.

Now, that my aunt is saying that he had zero potential and not worth recruiting, this really stumped me.

"Fat Monster syndrome!" said my aunt, just as I heard these words, my body shook heavily.

These words could produce terror in anyone heart.

Those who fell into this syndrome are very unlucky especially those who have low strain monster.

I don't quite remember the technical name of the fat monster syndrome but it isn't a syndrome that one is born with but a syndrome one gets after one bonded with the monster.

Normally before the bonding, the human had a single box of mental space which is then taken by the monster after one had bound with it.

After one level to Corporal stage, one produces another block of space which can house another monster.

Normally people won't bond with a monster right away after leveling up to Corporal stage as mental space little weak and put a lot of strain on one's progress but one can still bond with the Corporal stage.

As for what fat monster syndrome does is that the first monster you had bonded would take over the second place also.

Leaving no space for another monster.

Not only it occupies second space that opened up at the Corporal stage, it even occupies space which opens space at the lieutenant stage, colonel grade or so.

Once space is occupied, it can be returned even if the monster were to die.

One can't know before bonding that monsters would be a fat monster which took all the space.

Also, this condition also sensed by lieutenant stage or above powerhouse.

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