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Its bladed tail clashed against my shield and next moment it pierced through the protection of my shield like butter, though it pierced through the protection of my shield, it still lost some of its power my shields were able to stop some of its piercing momentum.

After bypassing the energy layer of the shield, it clashed against the white layer of my defensive skill.

The power of my defensive skill was able to stop its tail for fraction of second before the blade snake tail pierced through my defensive skill but It also whittled away lots of power of the attack.

Next, the blade of the reaper went against the layer of my fire layer while it directly pierces through as it was the weakest of my defense.

I had just cover my head with it so it could whittle away some power of the attack if other defenses could consider varies the type of pillows then my fire layer could consider a cotton sheet.

Compare to others its defensive power is very less but it still has some defensive pitr which will help whittle away some force of the attack.

Finally, the blade of the blade snake crashed against my knight grade mask, It stands still for a fraction of second before piercing back of my head directly.

It started to dig deeper and deeper while I kept resisting it with my Strengthening skill.

Uploading all the vitality I have stored in the eight seals in my strengthening skill, so, it could slow the down the piercing of blade.

The blade kept entering my head slowly while I was wholly concentrated on strengthening my head with strengthening the skill.

the blade is piercing back of my head, so, I can't see how much deep it got but feeling extreme pain that I am feeling, I think it's going pretty deep.

Ashlyn cry out inside me feeling that but I stopped her doing anything stupid, she can make things only worse by coming out.

As the blade is going inside me, I felt both helpless but also resolve to live, my resolve became so strong that I felt something awakening inside me but just as that feeling came its gone.

"Clank!" "Spur!"

A sound clank rang across my ears and next moment, The Reaper plunged away by my sword and I took stright jump high.

It felt like minutes had been passed but barely two seconds had passed since I spotted the snake and prepared the offensive-defensive measures.

My plan was divided into two parts first is offensive, other is defensive, this plan of mine required both offensive and defensive to work in sync, even mismanagement of a fraction of second would have cost me my life.

The first part of the plant is put the the the the the idea dea defensive even measure, that is I used all the defensive artifacts, skill and other things in defense, I could have also put my sword before shield after and that would added anther layer to defense but that would have been a grave mistake.

The notes of the realm that jill and Jim provided me were the best intelligence thei

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