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"Spurt spurt spurt….." "Roarrrrrr!"

A large amount of blood started to spurt from the more than fifty wounds that I just made, even its immense vitality isn't able to stop a large amount of blood flowing out of its wounds.

First, there was no noticeable change in its movements and attacks but as the wounds started to build upon its body that started slow it down bit by bit to the point it became a wooden block for me which let me cut it as I please.


I gave out loud roar and started to run from battle but how can I let it run away which I spent palate minutes injuring.

I upped my attacks even more especially on its legs so it would have a hard time running away while being careful of its desperate attack to take me down with it.

In the past year, I've burned by it many times and I usually vigilant about it. Be it human or monster, survival instincts kicks in when it is at its most desperate moments and sometimes they even able to unearth their hidden potential as last moment.

In the past year, I have seen it happen two times when I was fighting with the monsters. Both of times I was sure that I will kill the monster and kept attacking it too kill it but at their last moment when they were at their last moment they leveled up.

Of the two fights, one was very memorable that I don't think I will ever able to the forgot.

The monster I was fighting was that Spiral Hippo monster, It was Peak Corporal stage monster and that is also its limit as its Strain was only level 3 but when it's at its last leg about to be killed by me, it somehow broke the limit and level up.

It leveled up, breaking the limit of strain gave me huge confidence as that time I was going through my lowest period and was even questioning myself that I could even break the limit or not.

That moment gave me huge confidence and whenever I start to question myself, I remember that memory to remind myself that there is hope, tiny that may there is still hope and that will keep me going till I finally break the limit.

"Thud!" "Roar!"

It finally couldn't control itself and fell on to the ground giving off muffled roars, It is not dead yet, my attacks were able to weaken it after injuring it heavily. Now, that it fell, I can kill it in one fell swoop.Futurer!" furfur

I gripped my sword in both my hands and ignited two small fire jets behind both my respectively to give my sword enough power to penetrate the skull of the monster.


My sword speedily went down and pierced its skull, whatever shine that left in it'sddisappearedas I remove my sword from its skull.

As monster gets stronger, killing them would also become difficult especially those the greater defense. I can injure them heavily but to kill them, I have to work very hard.

Sometimes my skill even became useless, especially toward some mid and most Sergent level monster as those firebolts are not strong enough pierce through their defense.

If t

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